I made this charts, published them out, and put lock inside one of my favorite cookbooks due to the fact that I can never mental (and could never uncover easily) these tantamount measurements once I essential them. Ns hope you’ll find these charts helpful too. This graph is for fruits.

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IngredientApproximate identical Measurements
Apple1 cup, chopped1 small-ish apple
Banana1 3/4 cup, mashed3 or 4 bananas
Banana1 cup, sliced1 big banana
Berries2 to 3 cups1 pint
Berries3 1/2 cups1 pound
Cantaloupe4 come 4 1/2 cup cubed or 25 balls1 medium
Cherries (Fresh)1 3/4 cup pitted1 pound unpitted
Lemon Juice2 to 3 tablespoons1 medium lemon
Lemon Zest1 1/2 come 3 teaspoons1 tool lemon
Lime Juice1 1/2 come 2 tablespoons1 medium lime
Lime Zest1 to 2 teaspoons1 tool lime

Wild strawberry in our meadow
IngredientApproximate equivalent Measurements
Mango2 cups prepared fruit1 medium mango
Orange Juice1 cup3 tool oranges
Orange Zest2 to 3 tablespoons1 tool orange
Papaya2 cups cubed1 medium papaya
Peaches (Fresh)2 cups, peeled and sliced4 medium
Pears (Fresh)2 cups, sliced4 medium
Pineapple (Fresh)3 cups, chunks1 medium
Raspberries1 3/4 cups1 pint
Strawberries1 1/2 cups, mashed1 pint
Strawberries2 1/2 cups entirety berries1 pint


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Talk come me! :o)

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These charts are a tremendous help–thanks for this reason much! as soon as my internet is working, I deserve to look these up, however I’m often visiting in Cape Breton, with Internet easily accessible only at the library. I’m to press these out to store in my favourite cookbook that constantly travels through me.


Thanks so much. Do the efforts to convert my killer banana bread recipe to pumkin bread! This will certainly help.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you… like you I can never discover the equivalents either. This made my day easier.


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