CHICOPEE, Mass. ( – after ~ a light snow build-up overnight, most of the job it has actually been rain that has fallen from the sky. Exactly how much snow would we have actually received without the changeover to rain?

There is a simple conversion we have the right to use to convert rain amounts to snow. Typically, you multiply the rainfall amount by 10 to obtain the snowfall amount. One inch of rain, then, would be approximately equivalent come 10 inch of snow.

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However, for a wetter, stickier eye that drops when temperature aren’t the could, you might get less snow for the same amount of rain. Therefore one customs of rain might be an ext equivalent to 7 inches the sticky, wet snow.

If the eye is dry and fluffy, you could get much more snow. One inch of rain could equal 15” of eye or more. Two inches that rain would certainly mean about 30” that snow where it is really dry, light, and also fluffy.

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