Pulled pork is among the least expensive barbecue meals you deserve to make and also is additionally a pan favorite. If you must feed a crowd climate serving increase a bunch of traction pork is a good way to acquire the project done.

The large question though is how much perform you need?

The fast answer is that one offer of traction pork is around a 3rd of a pound. This way you will need a pound of traction pork for every three people that you desire to feed.  Let’s take a closer look at this estimate and see just how you can use it to make her gathering a success.

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Who are You Feeding and How room You Serving?

You should change the 3rd of a lb per person rule relying on the situation.

Cooking for Fundraisers

A typical reason folks favor to chef up a bunch of pulled pork is for fundraisers.

You have the right to sell barbecue box meals and also make rather a little of cash for your church or your kid’s sporting activities team. The trick with fundraisers is that while you desire to raise as lot money as possible you also need come make certain that her customers feel favor they obtained what they payment for.

The two most common ways of marketing pulled pork for fundraisers is by offering sandwiches and also plate lunches.

When you make sandwiches friend have complete control over section size and also can conveniently stick v the 3rd of a pound per human guideline. You deserve to make the sandwich look impressive by either utilizing a little bun the is overflowing through meat or by making use of a huge bun and also topping the meat through a bunch of coleslaw.

The sandwich pictured below shows what precisely one third of a pound of traction pork looks prefer on a standard dimension hamburger bun. Ns think this renders for a very generous serving.


When you do plate lunches you are frequently stuck using three compartment Styrofoam crate that space designed to have actually the key dish in the primary large compartment and two next dishes in the smaller compartments.

The trouble here is that a 3rd of a pound of pork is not going come look like a whole lot of meat in the main compartment. In this situation you could need to boost the quantity of meat to half a pound per bowl lunch.

Cooking for a Party

If girlfriend are having a large crowd come by your home for a party climate you might need to spending plan for more meat.

Folks will commonly serve themselves at a party and you will certainly not have control over part size. Some guests will certainly take a lot an ext meat than is thought about a serving and also some will certainly go earlier for second or 3rd servings.

For backyard gatherings, etc. I indicate increasing the amount of meat to fifty percent a pound per guest.

A trick the I have seen caterers execute to reduce the meat usage of guests is come strategically align the serving line. Caterers will location the plates and also utensils on one next of the offer line and also have them adhered to by salads, vegetables, and other next dishes.

After the guest has had a opportunity to fill their plate v side dishes then they reach the serving station that has actually the meat. Since their bowl is already partially full, they end up taking less meat.

Speaking of side dishes, your selection of next dishes will certainly also influence how lot meat her guests room going come want. Next dishes prefer macaroni and cheese, potato salad and baked beans are going come fill civilization up much faster than light sides choose broccoli salad and watermelon slices.

Another ide is to consist of a bunch that sandwiches prior to the guest arrive so girlfriend maintain control over part size. You have the right to go with the standard size hamburger buns, usage King’s Hawaiian buns because that sliders or some large Kaiser rolls because that monster sandwiches.

The pulled pork sliders just use 2.5 ounces of meat for this reason you deserve to get around six generous sliders per pound. The Kaiser role sandwich uses a half pound that meat .


How much Meat to Buy

Figuring out exactly how much meat come buy is a straightforward affair but depends upon how you room making her pulled pork.

If you room buying premade pulled pork favor you can acquire from Costco climate life is basic as you have the right to buy the exact quantity the you need. However, if you room going to do your very own then you need to variable in just how much finished product you will certainly get form the reduced of pork that you are starting with.


The 3 most common cuts people use to do pulled pork are the butt, picnic shoulder and also loin.

If girlfriend are starting with a target or picnic shoulder then you room going to lose about fifty percent the weight of the life product. If you start with a loin then you will only lose about 10% the the weight.

Example #1: If you start with a pork target that has a raw weight of eight pounds climate you should expect to finish up with 4 pounds the finished traction pork. If you multiply 4 pounds by the 3 servings every pound guideline then friend will check out that you will certainly have enough meat for about 12 people.

Pounds of life Pork ButtFeeds How countless People

(1/3 pound serving)

Feeds How countless People

(1/2 pound serving)

Example #2: If you begin with a pork loin that has a raw weight of eight pounds climate you have to expect to end up with a little over 7 pounds of finished pulled pork. If girlfriend multiply 7 pounds by the three servings per pound pointer then friend will view that you will certainly have sufficient meat for around 21 people.

Since pork butts and loins cost about the exact same on a per pound basis and you get an ext finished product native the loin the loin looks choose the much better value.

The downside to making traction pork through a pork loin is that it will never ever taste as great as the made native a butt. Loins can dry out and also do not build the beautiful bark you obtain on a butt.

Pulled Pork Calculator

Here is a connect to a traction Pork Calculator the I placed together because that you the is situated in a Google Sheet. The sheet is locked for editing yet you deserve to make a copy that the sheet and also make your entries and also calculations in the copy. To do a copy you will must go to the “File” dropdown in the top left that the sheet.


You will have to make three entries right into the spreadsheet.

Number the GuestsPortion SizeAverage variety of Portions

I would start with a portion size that 0.33 pounds however you can change it as high or low as you like.

The Average number of Portions every Guest help you take right into account world who go ago for seconds. For example, if everyone only gets one serving climate the value must be “1” and also would be typical if you are selling sandwiches because that a fundraiser.

However, if you are having actually a party and think that half of her guests are going to go earlier for secs then girlfriend should collection the value to “1.5” because 50% of your guests are acquiring an extra portion. Girlfriend can change this value to every little thing you like.


After you do the three entries the calculator will display you how numerous pounds the finished pulled pork friend need in addition to how numerous pounds of pork target you will should start with.

What To perform With Leftovers?

I constantly end increase making way more pulled pork than I need. I figure that if i am walking to spend 10 hrs or so smoking cigarettes a pork target then ns might also throw on part extra.

I save the leftovers by put the shredded meat in a vacuum seal bag along with just enough of the pan juices to acquire the pork damp but not soaking wet.

I vacuum seal the bag v my Food Saver and also keep lock in the freezer. Ns aim for around a lb of meat every bag as that is straightforward amount come thaw and also is a decent sized section to work with for a dinner that leftovers.

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As much as making use of the leftover traction pork walk you have some exceptional opportunities. Some of my favorite methods of making use of leftover pulled pork include:

Use together a topping for Stuffed baked PotatoesBlend into the mix for twice Baked PotatoesUse as a filling because that Breakfast BurritosMake a Barbecue PizzaPulled Pork Nachos

Here space a couple of other articles I wrote about making pulled pork that you could find helpful.