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Important Information about HRA Locations

HRA is in the process of re-opening locations. If your needs cannot be met byACCESS HRA, contact 311 or above theHRA locations pagefor the latest details on facility openings.

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Manhattanville ar Medicaid Office Move

Manhattanville ar Medicaid Office, located at 520-530 W 135th St., will certainly be relocating to a new location ~ close of service on Friday, July 9, 2021. Starting Monday, July 12, the brand-new office will certainly be known as Dyckman ar Medicaid Office. It’s brand-new address will certainly be 4055 10th Avenue, ~ above the lower level. For the latest updates around HRA location openings during the COVID-19 pandemic please consult the HRA locations page.

Medicaid ar Office at metropolitan Hospital

HRA’s clinical Insurance and Community Services management (MICSA) Medicaid community Office at urban Hospital, situated at 1901 first Avenue new York, NY 10029, 1st floor, is closing permanently on October 30, 2020. As result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Manhattanville community Office, located at 520-530 West 135th Street, new York, NY 10031, is at this time the only neighborhood office in Manhattan open up to the public. Constant operating hours for Manhattanville are from 9:00 am to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday. For an ext information on HRA ar consolidation throughout the pandemic, you re welcome visit the places page.

Southern Brooklyn Job facility Consolidation

On in march 2, 2020, DSS/HRA alerted elected and community partners that HRA’s southern Brooklyn Job center is relocating from its existing location in ~ 35 4th Avenue to 275 Bergen Street, Brooklyn, NY 11217, since the lease is expiring and also the structure at 35 fourth Avenue is gift sold. This move is developing on respectable 28, 2020. The staff, the operations and most the the caseload the the southerly Brooklyn Job facility will merge v the currently DeKalb task Center, in ~ 275 Bergen Street. Some of the caseload from southerly Brooklyn Job center was currently transferred to Coney Island Job facility earlier this year.

Consolidation of Common advantage Identification card Offices

HRA is consolidating its two Common benefit Identification card (CBIC) locations on might 8, 2020 (postponed from April 13). The CBIC ar at 109 east 16th Street in Manhattan will certainly close, and also all CBIC clients will certainly be served at the citywide distribution facility at 227 Schermerhorn Street in Brooklyn. Please note that clients receiving emergency benefits deserve to receive a short-term identification map at the place where lock applied, and no much longer need to travel to a CBIC location.

The medical allowance Office in ~ North central Bronx Hospital is Moving

The medicaid Office situated at North central Bronx Hospital, 3424 Kussuth Ave., 1st Floor, Room 1A05 has actually moved to a new location in ~ 2541-2549 Bainbridge Avenue, Bronx, NY 10458 as of Monday, march 23. The medicaid Office phone number is 929-252-3230.

The DSS/HRA interment Claims Office is Moving, will now be called the Office of funeral Services

The DSS/HRA interment Claims Office is transforming its name to the Office of funeral Services (OBS), and moving to a brand-new location on Monday, in march 2. The office, right now located at 25 Chapel Street in Brooklyn will close ~ above Friday, February 28, 2020, in ~ 5PM, and also reopen on 9AM Monday, march 2, 2020 as the Office of interment Services in ~ 33-28 northern Boulevard in Queens. The office will be open up Monday with Friday 9AM to 5:30PM, will serve every residents, and will assist persons outside of seek to bury an indigent or unclaimed human being who died within or to exhume a deceased person currently buried ~ above Hart Island.

Important information: You have the right to still visit the St. Nicholas Job facility for SNAP services

Starting July 1, 2019, friend can involved the St. Nicholas Job facility (S14), located at 132 W 125th Street, for the following SNAP services:

Front Door agree (FDR) wherein an HRA staff member will route you to the computer Bank;Self-Service Scanners to submit requested SNAP documents; andPersonal Computer banks (PC Banks) to submit a SNAP Application/Recertification form, periodic Report, or submit a case readjust using the accessibility HRA website.

HRA staff will be on site to aid you through these services. HRA staff can also show you exactly how to use accessibility HRA on her mobile phone or a computer so the you have the right to skip the expedition the next time!

Paper SNAP applications and also other solutions will be processed at east End SNAP center (S02), situated at 2322 3rd Avenue (aka 165 east 126th Street). Your case will no be influenced by the move. If you lug a file application come St. Nicholas task Center, an HRA worker deserve to take it because that you and also send that to your SNAP center for processing. You have the right to then contact 718-SNAP-NOW (718-762-7669) within seven days to have your interview.

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Please note that you can apply, recertify, or regulate your case anytime online on the accessibility HRA website or mobile app. Go to or download the application to gain started.