The following procedure applies to all little enginesIf the engine does no start:

(1) rotate the carburetor key jet needle valve clockwise (close) till it touch its stopping allude - carry out NOT force OR GO beyond THE allude OF emotional as that may damages the tip.

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(2) rotate the needle valve counter-clockwise (open) 1-1/4 come 1-1/2 transforms - this should be close sufficient to start the engine. Begin the engine and let it heat up around five minutes.

(3) rotate the needle valve clockwise (close) gradually until the engine starts come stall for lack of fuel, then revolve the needle valve counter-clockwise (open) progressively until the engine starts to stall native flooding (too much fuel).

(4) set the needle valve come a midpoint in between the 2 extremes because that the ideal "purr" of the engine. If the engine "sputters" when a load is added, open the needle valve an extra 1/8 rotate for a slightly richer mixture.

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If the engine starts and also you simply want to adjust the carburetor, procedures (1) and (2) room not necessary.

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