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Booker Prize, in full Man Booker Prize, formerly Booker McConnell Prize, call British award given annually to a full-length novel in English.

Booker McConnell, a multinational company, created the compensation in 1968 to provide a counterpart to the Prix Goncourt in France. Initially, just English-language writers from the unified Kingdom, the Republic the Ireland, and the republic countries to be eligible. In 2013, however, it was announced the the prize would be open up to English-language writers an international from 2014. The prize to be the subject of dispute on number of occasions, and also in 1984 Salman Rushdie, the winner that the prize in 1981 because that his novel Midnight’s Children, defined the judging committee as “Killjoyces” and also “Anti-Prousts” after ~ the committee chairman declared that he had not review the fiction the James Joyce and also Marcel Proust and also did not desire to compensation the prize to writers choose them. (Rushdie won the Booker that Bookers <1993> and the ideal of the Booker <2008> prizes when they were offered in solemn event of the prize’s 25th and also 40th anniversaries, respectively.) The award was administered by the book Trust until 2002, once oversight passed to the Man team PLC, an investment monitoring firm.


The most prestigious award a writer deserve to receive is the Nobel Prize for Literature. Just how well do you understand the winners that this award and several others? Test her literary knowledge with this quiz.

Well-known recipients that the prize incorporate V.S. Naipaul, Nadine Gordimer, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, Iris Murdoch, J.M. Coetzee, A.S. Byatt, Kingsley Amis, Penelope Lively, Ben Okri, Michael Ondaatje, Ian McEwan, Peter Carey, Kiran Desai, and also Hilary Mantel.

In 1992 the Booker Russian Novel prize was collection up to reward modern-day Russian authors, come stimulate broader knowledge of modern Russian fiction, and also to encourage translation and publication of Russian fiction outside Russia. The Russian prize was disassociated native the various other Bookers in 1999, after which sponsorship was listed by number of Russian companies. The biennial guy Booker global Prize was established in 2005 together a lifetime achievement award. Indigenous 2016 it to be awarded every year to the writer the a novel or short-story arsenal in English translation. The yearly Man asian Prize was developed in 2007; the Man team announced in 2012 that it to be withdrawing the sponsorship the the prize.

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Booker compensation winners year* novel author
*In 1969 and 1970 the prize to be awarded come a novel released in the year vault to the in i m sorry the prize was given. In 1971 the prize to be awarded come a novel released that very same year, in between January and also November. Because the rule adjust precluded eligibility for novels published in 1970, the one-off shed Man Booker Prize to be devised in 2010 to honour together a novel. The winner, determined by publicly vote, was Troubles through J.G. Farrell.
1969 Something come Answer because that P.H. Newby
1970 The elected Member Bernice Rubens
1971 In a free State V.S. Naipaul
1972 G. man Berger
1973 The Siege of Krishnapur J.G. Farrell
1974 holiday Stanley Middleton
The Conservationist Nadine Gordimer
1975 Heat and also Dust Ruth Prawer Jhabvala
1976 Saville David Storey
1977 staying On Paul Scott
1978 The Sea, the Sea Iris Murdoch
1979 Offshore Penelope Fitzgerald
1980 Rites of passage william Golding
1981 Midnight"s youngsters Salman Rushdie
1982 Schindler"s Ark thomas Keneally
1983 Life & time of Michael K J.M. Coetzee
1984 Hotel du Lac Anita Brookner
1985 The Bone civilization Keri Hulme
1986 The Old Devils Kingsley Amis
1987 Moon Tiger Penelope lively
1988 Oscar and also Lucinda Peter Carey
1989 The remains of the day Kazuo Ishiguro
1990 Possession A.S. Byatt
1991 The Famished roadway Ben Okri
1992 sacred Hunger Barry Unsworth
The English patient Michael Ondaatje
1993 Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha Roddy Doyle
1994 how Late the Was, exactly how Late James Kelman
1995 The Ghost roadway pat Barker
1996 critical Orders Graham Swift
1997 The God of small Things Arundhati Roy
1998 Amsterdam Ian McEwan
1999 Disgrace J.M. Coetzee
2000 The remote Assassin Margaret Atwood
2001 True background of the Kelly corridor Peter Carey
2002 Life of Pi Yann Martel
2003 Vernon God tiny D.B.C. Pierre
2004 The line of beauty, beauty Alan Hollinghurst
2005 The Sea john Banville
2006 The Inheritance of loss Kiran Desai
2007 The gathering anne Enright
2008 The White Tiger Aravind Adiga
2009 wolf Hall hilary Mantel
2010 The Finkler inquiry Howard Jacobson
2011 The sense of an finishing Julian Barnes
2012 lug Up the body young name Mantel
2013 The luminaries Eleanor Catton
2014 The Narrow roadway to the Deep phibìc Richard Flanagan
2015 A Brief background of seven Killings Marlon James
2016 The Sellout Paul Beatty
2017 Lincoln in the Bardo George Saunders
2018 Milkman Anna Burns
2019 The Testaments Margaret Atwood
Girl, Woman, various other Bernardine Evaristo
2020 Shuggie Bain Douglas Stuart

Winners the the guy Booker international Prize

Winners that the man Booker international Prize are provided in the table.

man Booker international Prize year writer nation of beginning
2005 Ismail Kadare Albania
2007 Chinua Achebe Nigeria
2009 Alice Munro Canada
2011 Philip Roth United says
2013 Lydia Davis United claims
2015 László Krasznahorkai Hungary
2016 Han Kang southern Korea
2017 David Grossman Israel
2018 Olga Tokarczuk Poland
2019 Jokha Alharthi Oman
2020 Marieke Lucas Rijneveld Netherlands
2021 David Diop France