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From that bold, high-strength, military-grade,aluminum-alloy body to the torture-tested, fully boxed, high-strength steelframe, the all-new F-150 handle what the task throws in ~ you. It"s tougher andsmarter than ever before before, with the tools you require for on-site capability.Available pro Power Onboard, extra tie-downs and a newly easily accessible tailgatework surface ar take your efficiency to an additional level. The truck that movesmountains. It additionally moves boats, bricks and 2x4s. It"s the toughest F-150 todate, much more than qualified and set to outperform every other truck in its classwith best-in-class available towing* and payload. ** all in a day"s work forthe all-new F-150.


PRO strength ONBOARD

With agree Power Onboard, you can jump-start her jobsite orcampsite. This new, class-exclusive* accessible feature provides you the capability touse your truck as a cell phone generator. Just select one of three outputs - 2.0kW(available v optional gas engines), 2.4kW (standard v the PowerBoost™Full Hybrid engine) and also massively an effective 7.2kW (available v the PowerBoostFull Hybrid engine) - and power every little thing from one arc welder to an electricgrill or the 70-inch TV at the center of your tailgate. It can also bemonitored from a distance v the FordPass™ application while maintaining your automobile ina keyless idle.




Turn lengthy days right into late nights with accessible selectable ar lighting. Irradiate up particular spots or the whole area roughly your F-150 - 360 degrees, including inside the bed. So leaving the flashlight in the cab due to the fact that all your lighting have the right to be regulated remotely, directly from the FordPass™ App.



AllF-150 engines now deliver their power with an advanced 10-speed automatictransmission. The 10-speed it is provided impressive as whole performance, withenhanced acceleration in ~ the low and also mid ranges of the strength band. Featuresinclude optimized wide-span gear spacing coupled with drag-reduction actionsplus 3 overdrive gears. With the accessible 3.5L PowerBoost™ full Hybridengine, the transmission is specially modified to incorporate an combined 33kWelectric motor.

F-150 was built to acquire dirty. Selectabledrive modes assist you maintain manage over a variety of terrains and also in lessthan favorable conditions. Survey the path ahead and switch right into Normal, Eco,Sport, Tow/Haul, Slippery, Trail, Deep Snow/Sand,* Mud/Ruts* or also Rock Crawlwith the FX4 Off-Road Package. And also now, through the available 12-inch productivityscreen, selectable drive modes have actually their own avatars and also themes that displayin her cluster. Each of the easily accessible modes creates an inner environmentthat matches your action.

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Sometimes it"s just you and also your F-150 the end there.Good thing it has actually your back. Smarter than ever, the all-new F-150 looks the end foryou whether you"re towing, transforming lanes or detect a spot come park. Theadvanced, purposeful modern technology and capacity help store you in regulate whilegetting it every done.

BLIS v Trailer CoverageLane-Keeping SystemPre-Collision aid With automatically Emergency BreakingAuto High BeamIntelligent Adaptive Cruise ControlRear view Camera through Dynamic Hitch AssistPro Trailer back-up AssistHill lower ControlEvasive Steering Assist