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Hi,Can I acquire some aid on changing the cabin wait filter on a 4D Accord 2001 L4 (F23A4), please?My after industry Repair manual indicates disconnecting the battery to protect against Air bag deployment. Removing gloves box. Is this all real?A Honda filter or dose some one else make a far better one?Thanks,Bruce
---------------------2002 Accord EXVL Auto Sedan - Nighthawk black Pearl / Quartz, fog lights, mud guards, wheel locks, tribe tray1994 Pontiac cool Am GT Auto Coupe

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Ours: "06 Ridgeline RTL through Nav steel Blue, rear watch & cargo cameras, iVES, hitch, INfinity speakers, to run boards, alternative front grille, garnish, roof rack, currently with 18" Ridgeline rimslittle "98 public sedan, whatever still works! called Mater.

Can be excellent in 30 min or less and also that has cleaning any type of debris indigenous heater box. Wix / Napa / Carquest #"s 24782 / 4782 / 89782 all made through WixHastings # AF1011 below is the attach to a PDF of instructions lock furnish with each filter CF8603Most come in fill of one - 2 required.I1


Hay,Thanks Every one! filters replaced! What a pain! Why can"t it simply be remove glove box, open filter door, replace filter...Any way, filter looked favor it never got replaced. I bought a Bosh (Sp) Premiums, came through two filter for $20 in ~ Kregens. Take it me maybe an hour. It acquired dark during the reassembly part...Bad news:I lost a tiny steel clip, thinginy, ns stoled one from the fuse door...Good news:I dint brake that tiny black wire and also I have much more air volume...Again, many thanks all for the help!!!!!!!!!!!!
Glad come hear the good report back. It yes, really does show up that the cabin air filters were an afterthought on the sixth generation. They must have actually had whatever pretty much designed and then someone spoke up and asked around the pollen filters.

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---------------------2002 Accord EXVL Auto Sedan - Nighthawk black color Pearl / Quartz, fog lights, dirt guards, wheel locks, trunk tray1994 Pontiac cool Am GT Auto Coupe
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