2003 Ford F150 Harley DavidsonFord Motor firm and Harley-Davidson Motor company today unveiled the 2003 Ford Harley-DavidsonTM F-150 SuperCrew - a supercharged, limited-edition truck that marks the start of a second century that business and the extension of a successful alliance between two American manufacturers. 2003 Ford F150 Harley Davidson"Getting two giants the American motoring with each other was a natural ago in 1999 when we introduced the first Ford Harley-DavidsonTM F-150 pickup," says Steve Lyons, Ford department president. "The alliance has continued, and also with both Ford Motor company and Harley-Davidson turning 100 in 2003, we believed it only fitting that us produce another special vehicle." 2003 Ford F150 Harley Davidson

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The Ford Harley-DavidsonTM F-150 SuperCrew is being introduced as component of the 100th Anniversary open Road Tour, a 10-city traveling festival that Harley-Davidson is hosting as component of that 100th date of birth celebration. This weekend, the festival is in the Los Angeles area in ~ the California Speedway, wherein the live music, motoring background and hard-driving setting provides the appropriate venue for introducing the newest developed Ford tough truck.
2003 Ford F150 Harley DavidsonSupercharged power
The 2003 Ford Harley-DavidsonTM F-150 SuperCrew gets you whereby you"re going v ease through its super load 5.4-liter SOHC TritonTM V-8 engine, producing 340 speech at 4,500 rpm and an impressive 425 foot-pounds the torque in ~ 3,250 rpm. The engine meets low-emission automobile standards. ( post on ptcouncil.net) This special-edition truck makes use of the F-Series four-speed automatically transmission. (posted top top ptcouncil.net) It has actually a 3.73:1 axle ratio and also a limited-slip differential. Anti-lock brakes are standard.
All this and looks too
The look at of the 2003 Ford Harley-DavidsonTM F-150 SuperCrew remind the truck"s solid heritage by combine styling cues the the past with an imaginative flair. It proceeds to be obtainable in black, however for 2003 additionally offers one optional two-tone paint option of black color over silver with a high cutline.
Body color bumpers, a new front valance v fog lamps along with a chrome bar top grill and brand-new chrome tie-down hooks, and also clear-lens headlamps make the front finish distinctive. Únique 20x9-inch five-spoke chromed aluminum wheels v the HARLEY-DAVIDSON Bar & Shield logo design identification top top the facility caps include even an ext boldness to this truck. Power and purpose are connected through a stance that is lowered by an inch and a especially tuned exhaust device with a double inlet-dual outlet muffler that ends in chrome 3-inch slash-cut exhaust tips. A specially developed "100th Anniversary" nameplate, is displayed on the fender and also tailgate of the 2003 version to commemorate the 100th Anniversary the the an equipment of the world"s most famous trucks and the leading maker of heavyweight motorcycles. Within the cover
A leather-wrapped console lid through the "100th Anniversary" nameplate, two-tone animal leather quad captain?s chairs with the HARLEY-DAVIDSON Bar & Shield nameplate and also brushed stainless steel and rubber pedals complement the exterior styling and stance within the 2003 Ford Harley-DavidsonTM F-150 SuperCrew. 2003 Ford F150 Harley DavidsonHomelink and also TravelNote, an digital automatic temperature regulate system, a distinctive instrument cluster, freshly standard six-disc in-dash CD changer and a brand-new heated backlight are among the standard features. The Ford Harley-DavidsonTM F-150 SuperCrew can be personalized v an optional power sliding behind window, engine block heater, heated front seats, bed extender and moonroof. Behind the wheelHeadquartered in Dearborn, Mich., Ford Motor agency is the second-largest automaker in the world, through manufacturing and also distribution in more than 200 markets. Ford brands incorporate Aston Martin, Ford, Jaguar, land Rover, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury and Volvo, as well as the associated Ford Credit, Hertz and also Quality care services. Harley-Davidson Inc. Is the parent firm of Harley-Davidson motor Company, Buell Motorcycle company and Harley-Davidson Financial services Inc. Harley-Davidson motor Company, the only major Ú.S.-based motorcycle manufacturer, to produce heavyweight motorcycles and also offers motorcycle parts, accessories, apparel and general merchandise. Buell produce sport and also sport-touring motorcycles, and also Harley-Davidson Financial solutions serves Harley-Davidson dealers and also customers. Ford celebrate its centennial on June 16, 2003, and plans a number of special-edition vehicles, events and also exhibits through 2003 to honor its storied history. The Harley-Davidson 100th Anniversary open Road tourism is a 14-month celebration that will finish with the Party top top Aug. 31, 2003, in Milwaukee, Wis. An essential statisticsFord will produce up come 12,000 the the 2003 Ford Harley-DavidsonTM F-150 SuperCrew limited-edition trucks for sale throughout phibìc America; moving a manufacturer"s said retail price of $37,295 in the Únited States, consisting of destination and delivery. The auto will be produced in Missouri at Ford"s Kansas City Assembly Plant. In enhancement to the 2003 Ford Harley-DavidsonTM F-150 SuperCrew, the companies" alliance results in advancement of other products such together co-branded clothing and vehicle accessories. "These 2 companies have been about 100 years since they"ve produced products that accomplish the needs and wants the the individual client - assets that people aspire to, not only for your looks, however for high quality as well," claims Lyons. "Forming partnerships that combine the identification of each partner, such as ours through Harley-Davidson, is just one of the ways we will continue to lead together we go into our second century the business." during the open Road Tour event in Los Angeles, Ford will donate a 2003 Ford Harley-Davidson TM F-150 SuperCrew as component of a Harley-Davidson"s score to advanced at the very least $5 million because that the Muscular Dystrophy association to support research and also efforts to find cures because that a number of diseases the attack and destroy muscles. The illustration takes place throughout the LA event. "Ford and also Harley-Davidson are two service providers whose commitment to customers extends come the ar as well," Lyons says. "We space proud to sign up with Harley-Davidson and also the Muscular Dystrophy combination in the initiative to combat neuromuscular diseases."

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2003 Ford F150 Harley DavidsonNew for 2003
• Aggressive initiatives to combat noise, vibration and harshness help provide a quieter driving experience. In ~ 4,000 rpm, wide-open-throttle, the F-150"s internal is now an ext than 5 sones quieter. The decided Articulation Index, a measure of how easily one deserve to hold a conversation, is enhanced by more than 10 percent throughout the engine speed range (see sidebar) • brand-new Heritage version F-150 commemorates 100 years of truck excellence at Ford Motor firm (see sidebar)
2003 Ford F150 Harley Davidson• King Ranch models (late availability) are now equipped with chrome tubular to run boards, a six-disc in-dash CD changer and also woodgrain center stack bezel and door switch bezels. Oxford White and Black have actually been added to the perform of King Ranch color choices • A heated rear window is conventional on Lariat and also King Ranch SuperCrew models

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• Audio system choices now include a cassette/CD player (standard top top Lariat) and an in-dash six-CD changer (standard ~ above King Ranch)
• Premium Imola Leather-trimmed seats currently are obtainable on SuperCrew models • Burgundy Red Clearcoat Metallic is a brand-new exterior color • all F-150s are equipped through the LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers because that CHildren) device Overview
F-Series has actually been America"s best-selling truck because that 25 years.For 2003, the Ford F-150 is quieter and much more refined many thanks to a 75-part noise, vibration and also harshness upgrade. Two feature vehicles currently offer brand-new appeal for both entry-level buyers and those search an to exclude, look.Ford F-150 continues to supply power and also durability in the most an extensive lineup that full-size pickups in the industry, meeting a wide variety of requirements for work-related and personal use.F-150 is made in Kansas, City, Missouri; Norfolk, Virginia; and Oakville, Ontario, Canada.DesignCab configurations include continual Cab and SuperCab, in both Styleside and Flareside versions, and the SuperCrew.The F-150 SuperCrew, first sold as a 2001 model, is the newest result of Ford"s truck innovation. The offers 4 full-size doors and a complete rear chair for added comfort and cargo-carrying versatility. The King Ranch package is accessible on SuperCrew and also SuperCab.The super load Harley-Davidson F-150 SuperCrew offers 340 horsepower, leather-trimmed seating through the convenience of 4 doors and exclusive badging and also paint.F-150 consistent Cab and also SuperCab buyers can pick short- and also long-wheelbase models and also 6.5- or 8-foot pickup box lengths. SuperCrew is easily accessible with a single wheelbase and 5.5-foot box. All models are accessible with 4x2 or 4x4 drive systems.Three trim series are easily accessible on consistent Cab and SuperCab models XL, XLT and also Lariat. The F-150 SuperCrew is offered on XLT and Lariat.InteriorThe F-150 SuperCrew offers many first- or best-in-class features, including standard power adjustable pedals, accessible power moonroof and also a practical bed extender, which increases box length for carrying longer items. SuperCrew has an obtainable rear-seat entertainment parcel option, with VHS player and video game outlets.Available features include air conditioning, an overhead console, strength windows with delayed accessory power and also one-touch down driver"s window, power locks, tilt steering wheel, rate control and also power moonroof. Electronic automatic temperature regulate is conventional on the SuperCrew, Lariat and also King Ranch. Tie-down hooks are situated in each edge of all F-150 cargo box to help secure cargo. A cargo irradiate on the earlier of the cab provides loading and also unloading the pickup box simpler at night.The rear action bumper provides easier accessibility to the cargo area. The tailgate deserve to be gotten rid of for one-of-a-kind loading applications, and on XLT and Lariat, the tailgate deserve to be locked.PowertrainsF-150"s standard continuous Cab and also SuperCab 4.2-liter OHV V-6 engine produces 202 horsepower and also 252 foot-pounds the torque. It attributes a split-port induction system that optimizes fuel efficiency and engine response.The 4.6-liter SOHC Triton V-8, i m sorry is standard through F-150 SuperCrew and also optional with continual Cab and also SuperCab models, it is provided 231 horsepower and also 293 foot-pounds the torque. The single overhead electronic came (SOHC) design features one camshaft in each cylinder head, giving excellent valve control for reliable power and responsive performance.All models market an optional 5.4-liter SOHC Triton V-8 engine that puts the end 260 horsepower and also 350 foot-pounds the torque. In January 2002, this engine was called one the Ward"s Auto human being magazine"s "Ten finest Engines" for the sixth year in a row. This engine features more torque than similar engines native its full-size pickup truck competitors. Also, optimal torque arrives at a lower rpm than the competition.F-150"s five-speed manual overdrive transmission, traditional on consistent Cab and also SuperCab models, has an overdrive 5th gear to mitigate engine rpm at highway speeds, i beg your pardon contributes to fuel economy and quieter operation.A 4-speed automatic overdrive transmission, optional on consistent Cab and SuperCab models however standard on the F-150 SuperCrew, gives high output of low-end speak for terrific start-up performance.F-150"s towing and also payload ratings have the right to be enhanced with optional packages. The class III Towing Group includes a seven-pin trailer wiring harness, frame-mounted hitch receiver, heavy-duty electrical/cooling package and heavy-duty shock absorbers.The 7700 Payload (Group A) upgrades the GVWR come 7,700 pounds and also provides a prior Gross Axle load Rating on every 4x4 models that 4,150 pounds to accommodate a snowplow (7700 package and also snowplow are not obtainable on SuperCrew). A 4.10:1 axle proportion is available with the 7700 package (Group B), which permits for a 15,000-pound Gross merged Weight Rating ~ above the 4x2 model.Ride and HandlingA four-wheel anti-lock braking device (ABS) is conventional on all F-150 models. The short- and long-arm independent front suspension boosts ride and handling, while staggered behind shocks top top SuperCrew assist control motion of the rear axle top top bumpy roads.Safety and SecurityChild safety and security seat tether anchors permit parents to an ext securely download front-facing child-safety seats. A driver and right front passenger waiting bag supplemental restraint system is had for front occupant protection. Next door intrusion beams assist protect citizens in a side impact. LATCH child security seat tethers space standard equipment.BeltMinder system motivates safety belt use. That is an especially valuable in a pickup, which is frequently used for frequent short trips. Remote keyless entry offers added convenience and also security at night by activating the internal lights. The SecuriLockT passive anti-theft mechanism helps prevent automobile theft. It is automatically equipped when the ignition is turned off and also will not allow the engine to begin without the ideal ignition key. Its particularly coded chip communicates with the vehicle"s ignition system and has 72 quadrillion possible codes.