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Just purchased brand-new fuel filter because that 2004 Silverado. Dealer offered me the same filter that my 2000 Silverado uses, however can"t find the ar of the filter ~ above the 2004. It is not on the frame rail choose 2000. Traced lines indigenous tank and also they walk in and out some kind of box favor arrangement an installed above the driveshaft front of the differential and straight to the engine. No filter in vision that looks choose the one provided by the dealer. Hope they have not decided to mountain it within the tank. Anyone experienced this yet. Have 4.8 together v-8 traditional cab.
What does the one from the dealer look like? i think the box over the diff is the new location that the charcoal canister.
What walk the one indigenous the dealer look like? ns think the box over the diff is the brand-new location of the charcoal canister.
I think you room right about the carbon canister. The filter I have is around 2 inch in diameter and about 4 inches lengthy with a flair installation on each end. The same filter mine 2000 silverado uses and also the very same my old 95 blazer used.
Unfortunately, the is in the tank like you feared. It began in the 2004 model year, and it affects all the petrol engines.


Purposely designing a vehicle to boost the challenge for the consumer to do his or her own maintenance is indicative of a firm that cares solely around increasing their income at the consumer"s expense.One more of plenty of reasons ns will never ever buy a GM product again.I should keep the Silverado because that long sufficient to enable depreciation to slacken. Then, it"s time to uncover a car that is consumer friendly rather than designed purely to rise the manufacturer"s profit margin (and your dealers).

Then, it"s time to uncover a car that is customer friendly rather than designed completely to increase the manufacturer"s benefit margin (and your dealers).

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At the very least until Lexus starts do pickup van :crazy: The work its all about profit margins. I"m maintaining mine as lengthy as possible...

funny point is, my van is ending up being less and less advanced. Prior to long ill have less progressed shit top top it 보다 yours :crazy:
Well this does not surprise me either. Simply wonder exactly how much this filter cost and also how difficult it is to change. I simply the various other day to be bitchen" to mine daughter for buying a dodge Dakota because she was complaining around it was going to cost around 250 dollars to change the fuel filter in her truck. That is part of the fuel pump assy. Looks like GM is no better. Another thing, mine 2000 Silverado had a drainpipe plug top top the differential. Ns thought finally as smart as Toyota. Well guess what? No drain plug top top the 2004! additionally they got smart and also put a drainpipe plug ~ above the transmission pan. Only difficulty is the they placed locktite ~ above the threads and you round turn off the head do the efforts to get it loose, climate you still have to drop the pan full of oil! it is Progress!
funny point is, my truck is becoming less and also less advanced. Before long ill have less advanced shit top top it 보다 yours :crazy:
Nah, you"ll still always have 6 an ext injectors and will never be able to read your computer codes through a paperclip

If you think that"s bad, my uncle accidentaly drained several of his auto trans fluid when he assumed he was removing the crankcase drainpipe plug. Once he observed red he claimed he placed it back right away and estimated that only a few ounces came out.Looking because that a dipstick pipe for the auto trans, none uncovered :insane: Looking in ~ the owner"s manual, it stated some shit like, "the infectious diseases world fashion is sealed native the factory and should no require any maintenance. If repair and also refill is needed, bring it to factory authorized center" or part shit favor that. Auto in question is a 04 Ford traveler with the V6. Don"t know the engine size. My friend is a technology at a Honda dealership and also he claimed that Honda auto trannies for the critical 4 years or so space the exact same thing, no dipstick to add or examine trans fluid, and they have also eliminated the servicable fuel filter ~ above the Hondas for around the same duration of time. For this reason it"s not simply GM and Ford, almighty Honda :anitoof: is doing that too. Mine fiance"s 98 Toyota Corolla likewise does not have actually a servicable fuel filter, it"s in the tank. :think: