Worn wheel bearings manifest themselves as a howling noise that increases with speed. Think "tire noise" cranked approximately 11. If your Jeep"s wheel bearings space howling, they room telling friend it"s time to replace these tired, old wheel bearings.

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This article uses to the Jeep grand Cherokee ZJ and WJ (1993-2004).

Wheel hub bearings are specifically what they sound like, bearings sit in the hub (where the wheel mounts up) that helps the hub spin easily without friction. Together these bearings are relocating parts, you deserve to expect lock to require infrequent, however periodic, replacement.

Failed wheel bearings space something you constantly want to change as soon as possible. Otherwise, you run the hazard of them structure up too lot friction and also welding us together, which can cause a wheel to totally shear off the hub. On the cool Cherokees, the bearing is combined into the hub assembly, i beg your pardon is great news because that those who have ever had come repack a wheel bearing. However, it additionally makes for a costlier part and method you should remove an ext parts.


Step 1 – eliminate the wheel

Park top top flat, level ground.Set the parking brake.Using the tire iron, loosen the lug nuts on the wheel.Raise the vehicle using your floor jack until you deserve to position the jack was standing underneath.Remove the lug nuts and also the wheel.Lower the car onto the jack stand.
number 1. Remove the wheel.

Step 2 – remove the hub assembly

You"ll need a helper for this next step to enable you to remove the center hub nut.

Figure 2. Facility hub nut.Using an 11/16" socket, remove the two bolts that host on the brake caliper. One is located at the top and the other at the bottom ~ above the backside that the caliper (see number 3).
Figure 3. Remove the caliper bolts.With the bolts out, you deserve to pull the caliper off. You might need to use your pry bar to obtain them to come off. As soon as they"re off, collection them next onto component of the suspension so that the brake heat doesn"t gain damaged. Us repeat: provide the brake line some slack; if placed under tension, it will tear and also your job will gain much worse.Using her pry bar, pop out the brake pads.
Figure 4. Caliper and also brake pads removed.Using a 3/4" socket, eliminate the two bolts that organize the caliper bracket ~ above the hub assembly.Re-install 2-3 lug nuts loose onto the hub.Using a hammer or a little 3-5 lb. Sledge hammer, fight the rotor from the earlier side to break it totally free (see number 5).
Figure 5. Rotor knocked free.
Pro Tip

If her rotor won"t come loose, check for a "service hole" in the rotor. It looks choose a 6th hole whereby a wheel stud can be moved through. If your rotor has one that these, uncover a bolt the threads into it (usually 5/8") and also crank the bolt through. The bolt will certainly push versus the hub and complimentary the rotor.

You have the right to remove the lug nuts and also the rotor now.Using your hammer, struggle the axle in the facility of the hub to rest it free. You don"t should crush it through a sledge, just sufficient to rest it complimentary of the built of rust holding that in place.
Figure 6. Struggle the area shown in orange to rest the axle free.Using your 13mm 12-point socket, eliminate the three bolts that hold the hub assembly on.Using her hammer or sledge, fight on the back of the hub top top both sides to knock that free. It"ll take a an excellent amount the hits functioning your way in a circle roughly it to acquire it free.Once it"s free, you have the right to remove the hub.
Figure 7. Wheel hub assembly removed.

Step 3 – Install brand-new assembly

Place the brand-new hub assembly end the axle and push it back into place. Stop the axle native the rear helps it line up easier and also keeps the axle from hike while you"re make the efforts to execute it.

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Figure 8. Brand-new hub assembly installed.Re-install the 3 hub assembly bolts. If your bolts space severely rusted or have actually damaged threads, the is said replacing lock with new ones. Make sure to tighten the bolts evenly. If you have a talk wrench, torque these to 85 ft-lbs (if you require reference, that"s around as tight as a lug seed on a wheel).Re-install the center hub nut as tight as you can get it for the moment being.Slip the rotor earlier onto the hub; you deserve to tighten a lug nut or two onto the to organize it in ar for now.Re-install the caliper mounting bracket making use of the two bolts. Torque to 65 ft-lbs.Slide the brake pads ago into place.Re-install the caliper utilizing the 2 bolts. Torque come 20 ft-lbs.Having your helper host the brake pedal down, tighten the facility hub nut to 170 ft-lbs.Remove the lug seed you placed on the rotor to host it in place.Re-install the retaining ring and also then location a brand-new cotter pin in the hub nut.Re-install the wheel.Tighten the lug nuts in a crisscross pattern.Raise the car off that the jack stand, and then lower it earlier onto the ground.

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