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Trailer hitch packages, in general, are separated into 4 classes. Class I and Class II space usually draft to it is in weight-carrying v use that a round mount. The grand Cherokee WJ uses course III and also Class IV, i m sorry can carry heavier tons with the usage of a weight-distributing hitch assembly that distributes the load to every trailer and vehicle axles. A sphere mount can additionally be offered with class III and also Class IV Hitch Receivers because that lesser loads.

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Trailer Tow Prep group (requires I-6 engine)

3.73:1 axle ratioMechanical cooling fanTrailer tow wiring assembly

Trailer Tow Group course III (requires I-6 engine)

3.73:1 axle ratioTransmission oil coolerFrame-mounted receptacle because that load-equalizer type hitch7-into-4-way plug adapter

Trailer Tow Group course IV (requires V8 engine)

3.73:1 axle ratioPower steering coolerTransmission oil coolerFrame-mounted receptacle for load-equalizer kind hitch7-into-4-way plug adapter

WJ Towing Data
EngineTransmissionMaximum invited Trailer Weight
4.0L Power tech I-64-speed automatic5,000 lb
4.7L Power tech V85-speed automatic6,500 lb
High-Output 4.7L Power technology V85-speed automatic6,500 lb
Maximum gross merged weight rating
III9550 lb7550
IV11,000 lb11,000 lb
Tongue fill Limit
III, IV750 lb
Maximum trailer length
III25 feet
IV30 feet
Trailer frontal area limitation the 64 square feet; trailer guide control and low-profile mirrors room recommended. This chart is intended to serve as a quick and easy reference guide on exactly how to appropriately equip her Jeep cool Cherokee for towing. For particular details, however, comment on your plans with your Jeep dealer, who will aid you select the right devices to fulfill your specifications.

Additional towing information and also cautions

See also: Jeep detailed towing info (12-page PDF file)Never overload your vehicle beyond these style capacities. DaimlerChrysler cannot be responsible because that brake power if the Jeep vehicle and hydraulic brake systems are in any means connected. Execute not interconnect the hydraulic brake device of your automobile with the of the trailer. This could cause inadequate braking and possible an individual injury.

When pulling a heavy load or driving a totally loaded car use a premium unleaded fuel to assist prevent spark knock. If spark hit persists, lighten the load. Otherwise, engine piston damages may result.

Be certain a trailer is loaded more heavier in front, about 4% of gross Trailer weight (GTW). Loads well balanced over the wheel or more heavier in the rear cause the trailer to persuade severely side to side which will reason loss of regulate of the vehicle and trailer. Fail to load trailers more heavier in front is the cause of countless trailer connected accidents.

Gross Trailer load (GTW) means the weight of the trailer plus the load of every cargo, consumables and equipment loaded on the trailer when in really underway towing condition. The best way to measure GTW is to placed your completely loaded trailer ~ above a auto scale. The entire weight the the trailer have to be sustained by the scale.

A separate brake device for all trailers weighing over 1,000 pounds gross is recommended. (State regulations should be checked for trailer brake requirements.)

Do not connect a trailer light system straight to the lighting mechanism of her vehicle. Usage an approved trailer wiring harness. Fail to do so could damage the automobile electrical device and/or result in an individual injury.

When hauling cargo or towing a trailer, do not overload your automobile or trailer. Overloading can reason a ns of control, bad performance or damage to brakes, axle, engine, transmission,steering, suspension, body structure or tires.

Make particular that the fill is secured in the trailer and will not transition during travel. That is encourage that any hitches set up on your auto be factory installed, or mounted by a dealer using factory approved parts. Manufacturing facility approved components are particularly engineered through your vehicle’s power in mind, including the opportunity that it will certainly be connected in an accident. Other hitches may not have been for this reason engineered. Auto performance, including car damage in one accident situation, may thus be different.

If trailer towing is required and your vehicle is not equipped through a trailer tow package, the Mopar accessory towing harnesses room the just approved an approach to administer for trailer lights. This harnesses room designed to carry out current come the trailer lights but bypass the module draft to monitor tail lights. Describe the parcel instructions because that details.

See your Owner’s hands-on for added important information about proper operation of this vehicle.

Hitch recipient parts and accessories

The appropriate installation that Hitch Packages and other towing devices is extremely important. Mopar Hitch Packages space designed and also tested come ensure a proper match v DaimlerChrysler copy, group vehicles, and install quickly using existing car frame holes. However, failure to fully follow the environment instructions and procedures can cause hitch failure which could an outcome in an individual injury and/or automobile damage. Beware of part aftermarket installers who can mount hitch packages that have actually a higher towing capacity than the automobile can manage.

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NOTE: perform not affix a trailer lighting system directly to the lighting mechanism of your vehicle. Usage an approved trailer wiring harness. Fail to carry out so could damage the car electrical device and/or result in personal injury.