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I have actually a 2005 silverado v a 4.8l, wherein would the fuel filter be situated at on the truck. Ive looked every on the truck and cant uncover it. Second problem when I reducerhigh or turn the steering wheel when im stopped the engine lugs down listed below 500 hundreds rpm. What would cause this? Any help on these topics would be greatly apperciated.

yes i have actually a 05 gmc sierra and also there is no fuel filter, ns was said that usually is the getting bad or plugging up, girlfriend are claimed to change the pump. The pump and also filter space kinda like one, at least that is what ns was told. The publications say over there is no filter because that my van tho. If girlfriend are having problems, i like to operation a bottle of LUCAS injection cleaner with my gas tank to clean all that shit out. Dump a party in and hit the interstate for about 5 minutes.

The fuel filter is inside the fuel module i beg your pardon is within the fuel tank. That began in 2004 (gas models). You have actually to readjust the complete fuel module. The great news is this filter design lasts longer since it just filters the fuel friend burn in the engine. The older format frame placed filters were always filtering fuel the circulated between the tank and also the engine. Her model auto does no recirculate fuel. I hope this helps.

The lugging you spoke of can be a dirty throttle body. Mine 2004 does the exact same thing after 70,000 miles.I expect this helps.

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Fuel filter instead of is spanned within the "How to" section below where much more information is available.
Thaks alot for the assist you guys. Im going to clean the throatle human body this weekend and also see if it helps.

Mr straightforward fix. Every the threads about fuel filters you"re replying to room really yes, really old dead threadsSent from mine iPhone making use of Tapatalk
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