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Enclosed is a my impressions ~ above towing a ~2,500 lbs boat with my share 2002 CRV. The will of this subject is to carry out my justification because that exceeding the come capacity and share my experiences with towing a 2009 Bayliner 175.

The boat to tow a 2009 Bayliner.... The watercraft was selected because:1. Seat 72. Fits in my garage (overall size = 20 foot 1 inch)3. Can tow with the CR-VThe boat + trailer + 20 gal of gas = ~2,400 lbs. So, why did ns think I can tow with the CRV? Well together others have stated, the 2002 CRV spec"s because that other nations indicate the max tow rating at 3,000 lbs. I have actually driven many miles and also although you have the right to feel the trailer, I have actually never feel underpowered and/or in hazard while towing the boat. The brakes take care of the preventing fine, although i should acquire trailer brakes as, Overtons sell a bolt on trailer braking kit because that ~$450. Http://



One reason Not come Exceed The recommended WeightWe had quite a nasty thread about this number of years ago which may have ended in a duel. Preventing all the technological hogwash, i could care less one of two people way, i will provide you one very an excellent reason not to exceed the maximum weight. If you are ever affiliated in one accident, no necessarily your fault, and also your overloaded auto causes a severe injury or fatality, part tort lawyer is going come clean her clock choose it has actually never to be cleaned before. Great luck through that.
Unfortunately among the bad things around the an excellent old U.S. Of A . The legislation schools keep churning out more of lock every day. After analysis some fear stories i bought balloon insurance number of years ago. If you have anything to lose at all, it"s a good thing.
Unfortunately one of the negative things around the great old U.S. Of A . The law schools keep churning out an ext of lock every day. After analysis some horror stories ns bought balloon insurance several years ago. If you have anything to lose at all, it"s a great thing.
i don"t mind paying the $19 per month to save my legitimate insurance. You never recognize when you"ll require a lawyer. I have the right to say from endure that it"s fine worth it!
As a previous Ridgeline RTS owner ns am quiet amazed by the number of Ridgeline and CR-V owner who press the towing boundaries of their respective vehicles. If anyone is interested, inspect out the towing subject on the ROC site. You won"t think the boats, trailers, etc., some owners room towing. Ns am certain that the manufacturer"s towing boundaries are under proclaimed for legal and safety reasons, but this is not a valid reason for exceeding the limits. I knew the CR-V"s towing limitations before making the acquisition in June. If I should haul a 2,000 lb pack with mine 8X5 utility trailer, I use my son"s 2003 Tacoma TRD PreRunner.
2009 city Titanium CR-V EX, WeatherTech Floor Liners, Honda rear Cargo Liner, Chrome VTEC license Plate Frame, Chrome Honda Exhaust Extension.2001 at sight White Toyota Highlander, 2.4 VVT-i 4cyl, Lexus RX 300 Wheels, Kumho KH16 Tires.

That launch ramp doesn"t seem an extremely steep. Did you have actually trouble maintaining the V increase the incline if launching, or go it stay pretty stable with decent traction?
Thanks for the info Keith! gain your boating and play safe. To bad Honda puts such a low wt. Limit on the cars castle build!Covering their earlier side ns guess. I would certainly not have purchased a V if I had actually known it had actually such a short tow rating. Hal
Thanks for every the replies. The 2002 CR-V is designed and sold to tow 3,306 lbs (in various other countries).
The 2002 CRV is rated come tow 3,306 lbs, if you add trailer brakes and only 1,322 lbs without trailer brakes. Mine state calls for trailer brakes on trailers > 3,000 lbs
hitch vendor dataSo, let"s to speak I bring a 2002 Australian CRV (and owners manual with a 3,306 tow capability) ago to the USA, am I limited to tow 1,500lbs? Of food not. However the CRV"s sold have actually the same frames, braking systems, journey train, engines....Keith
That start ramp doesn"t seem an extremely steep. Did you have actually trouble keeping the V up the incline when launching, or did it continue to be pretty steady with decent traction?
I"ve placed in and also pulled out of 2x ramps...No slippage or really any kind of issues. Ns do shift the transmission into 1st while pulling the end to level ground. I"m just towing at ~76% of the CRV"s tow rating. The auto seems to have actually plenty that excess ability given the boat/trailer weight.Keith
Change that Venue
Perhaps during a court attempt the judge will certainly entertain a adjust of venue come Australia, however I wouldn"t gambling on it. Again, ns could care less either way, yet I think that is wise for world to realize the they are placing themselves at jeopardy if they obtain an accident.
as the data indicates, The 2002 4runner weights 13% (about 450 lbs) an ext that the CRV, however is rated come tow 3.3x the USA CRV tow rating (5,000 vs. 1,500). The 4runner has actually 14% more HP than the CRV also. The boat I tow is only ~75% that the CRV weight whereas the 4-runner data permits you come tow 132% the the 4-runner weight. The USA published values are just unjustified, in mine opinion.Keith
Your Opinion Don"t issue In Court
Again, do what friend want, but everyone should realize the there is a major legal worry here regardless of what they execute in other nations or all the facts and also tables in the world. A lawyer is going to to hone in top top one fact, the pistol towing weight proclaimed in the USA owner"s hand-operated was exceeded. Finish of story.

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do no exceed her towing limits, ns dont care how your car handles or what the hell other countries do the is illegal, and unsafe. The cr-v is not built to haul, granted i pulled boats and also trailers v my an initial gen, yet i got no where close to the towing capacity. If you want to walk by the Australian limits, relocate there. Im not trying to be median or rude, yet exceeding the collection towing limits puts your self, and others in damages way.
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as a side note, towing v a tranaxle auto takes load off the front wheels, resulting in an enhanced risk that loosing regulate of her vehicle, and also unless you have actually RT4WD good luck acquiring up a wet steep ram, v my very first gen and the ramps about here also with a boat fifty percent that size i had actually front wheel slippage
I journey a 1997 JEEP CHEROKEElifted 8 customs on super swamperslocked and gearedBest Auto insurance allowance | Auto protection Today | free Trade-In Quote
4-runners room designed for medium off roadway duty and also is an SUV. The frame is constructed to tow and it is equipped with a V6. The Cr-v is a cross-over constructed off a public frame. In fact, it is virtually the same automobile as a public Si, with much more room because that people and also stuff essentially. There"s a factor why the tow border is so low. You are towing a watercraft with this:
I drive a 1997 JEEP CHEROKEElifted 8 customs on super swamperslocked and also geared
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regardless the the security issue, the legal ramifications are compelling.and then regarding the safety issue, i took three huge guys to dinner the various other day in the behind seat, in enhancement to the normal cargo that a girfriend in the front. The CRV to be sloooooow... Just my two cents
4-runners room designed for medium off road duty and is one SUV. The frame is constructed to tow and it is equipped through a V6. The Cr-v is a cross-over built off a public frame. In fact, it is practically the same automobile as a civic Si, with an ext room because that people and also stuff essentially. There"s a factor why the tow border is so low. You are towing a watercraft with this:It simply looks different.
I"d also bet non-USA roof rack bring rating is better than the 75 lbs border stamped on mine rack. I m sorry by the way, I"m sure every one of us have actually exceeded without incident. At the very least there is evidence the automobile was designed come tow up to 3,300 lbs. Keith
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