We have actually been talking about Jeeps through diesel engines for a when now. And over the last couple of years we"ve gently and also not-so-gently prodded Jeep coporation, group in these pages to carry a diesel Wrangler come the U.S. Well, we have actually yet to see a diesel Wrangler on these shores, yet there is-right now-a diesel Jeep available at her dealership or a dealership one state over.

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The cool Cherokee has been available in this nation with the 3.0L V-6 CRD diesel engine due to the fact that the "07 model year (since "05 overseas), but no one appears to know about it. The engine is rated in ~ 215 hp and 376 lb-ft the torque. The power gives the cool a 7,400-pound towing capacity, which means it deserve to pull a dual-axle automobile trailer and also any of our short-wheelbase Jeeps v ease. Us ran that on a four-wheel dynamometer (it is full-time 4WD) and also registered 197 hp and also 347 lb-ft in ~ the wheels, so we think Jeep is underrating the engine just a bit.

With the rising price of everything, however especially diesel fuel, we got to wondering if a diesel vehicle makes feeling anymore. Together of this writing, diesel fuel in California is around a dollar much more a gallon than continual unleaded. If that wasn"t enough, the included price the the diesel engine is no different for a Jeep than it is for any other product.

So us talked Jeep into loaning us an "08 grand Cherokee equipped with the CRD engine. They also let us choice it out together we witnessed fit. At the time of ours ordering, we had to get a restricted in stimulate to acquire the diesel engine; as of this composing the diesel have the right to now be optioned ~ above the base-model Laredo. In addition to the diesel package, we opted because that the Quadra-Drive II 4x4 Group, which got us skidplates and towhooks; the Trailer Tow team IV, which came with a towbar, trailer wiring, and also heavy-duty cooling; and the mine Gig navigating System, which has a $900 discount attached to it, therefore the choice is essentially free.

As tested, we were the end the door because that $42,335, which puts that in the 1-ton diesel pickup range, so if that is just a tow rig that you care about, perhaps this isn"t for you. If you desire a Jeep that deserve to tote the kids, the the wife can drive without any kind of nervousness, and that you can easily ago a trailer up with, this could be a an excellent do-it-all different for you.

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Our purposes for this Jeep space to carry you real-world feedback ~ above the current Grand Cherokee platform and also the 3.0L V-6 CRD engine and drivetrain, and to see just how expensive that is to usage day-to-day in comparison to our gas-powered rigs. We have had actually it for a month for this reason far, racked up 4,000 miles, and are fast approaching our an initial service. Stay tuned together we proceed to stack up miles and bring you the actual skinny ~ above the brand-new top-of-the-line Jeep.

Specifications and also PriceBase Price (Limited 4x4 Package): $38,875Destination Charge: $7303.0L V-6 Turbo Diesel Engine: $1,655Quadra-Drive II 4x4 Group: $795Trailer Tow Group: $280My Gig navigation System: $900My Gig Discount: -$900Total Price as Tested: $42,335

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