Ford focus owners have reported 70problems related to horn assembly (under the electrical system category).The most recently reported worries are detailed below.Also please check out thestatistics and reliability evaluation of Ford Focus based on all problems reported for the Focus.

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I have had actually so much trouble through this auto I to be upside down on it. Currently all the electric stuff appears to be shorting. I was driving and also my fuel gauge preserved going come zero then ago up to half a tank. Climate my check engine light came on. My horn doesn"t job-related which is is vast safety worry for me those are simply the brand-new issues I likewise have had the tcm changed twice and also it never ever made a difference to the car. View all problems of the 2014 Ford Focus🔎.

My 2014 doesn"t have actually all those an intricate safety features provided but mine horn doesn"t work. I never owned a automobile that the horn has just quit working. I thought it was a puffy fuse however turns the end it"s one more issue v the vehicle on peak of the ahead recalls it has had. Ns can"t also renew my auto registration till this is fixed and it"s a security hazard. Ns can"t even warn motorists when lock are around to crash right into me on the highway. Ford wants to fee an over the peak price to look and also fix the problem yet there is not guarantee the it will even be totally fixed see as another Ford emphasis owner i met in person and also what I"ve read online have additionally has concerns with their horn not working anymore. This have to be under a recall through Ford.

Horn doesn"t occupational or just intermittently as soon as parked, relocating in all cases or roadway conditions, or during locking/unlocking doors with remote. . Have had this difficulty for at least 2 years. Apparently from a net search, this is known difficulty for this model. . Have actually tried to settle it, checking the electric connections, spraying wd40, checking and tightening the mounting bolts. Attempts come fix might only critical a couple of days or hours. This is a crucial safety ingredient to reduce dangers of crash and should be subject to a recall or fix or instead of of the horn assembly or wiring.

Horn stopped working. Take it it to the Ford dealership. They charged me $67 come clean the erosion from about the connector. 2 weeks later, horn falls short again. Take it it come the Ford dealership and also they stated the horn demands to it is in replaced. I was charged an additional $67. Never ever in my whole life had I ever before had to change a horn. This is a safety problem that demands to be addressed by Ford. There are plenty of other owners of the Ford focus who have had actually this very same issue. . Read more...

Horn go in and also out, and also appears come be influenced by speed humps. Causing a defense risk. Back-up camera fades from clear view, to no view, come an upside down watch daily.

Electrical system that supports the radio. I would favor to report this electrical because something leaked from the radio area, burning the auto interior near the radio. Radio began making a popping noise prior to the burn. Recognize the radio walk not occupational in the off position radio quiet pops. Fear to drive due to the fact that of safety. Day may it is in wrong. . . Yet on paper Ford douglasville thornton road. View all troubles of the 2015 Ford Focus🔎.

1. Clutch slips in infection causing automobile to stall or with dangerous rpm"s prior to switching into another gear. 2. Repair to be denied by Ford stating the it wasn"t pertained to the current recall yet was the clutches that required to be replaced. Clutches are going out due to the tcm that was recalled on the vehicle. 3. Horn has made decision to avoid working along with controls on the steering wheel due to a wiring worry with the vehicle. Fuses have actually been readjusted ensuring the it is a wiring issue. 4. Peril lights as well as half the buttons on the dash including radio, etc. Have additionally decided to avoid working because of a wiring issue in the vehicle. No perils making it a risk and also unsafe come pull auto off of road in instance of one emergency. 5. Ford dealership that automobile was bring away to declared all recalls to be completed however when VIN is gone into through Fords website it says that every recalls are incomplete. Ford sent out me a an alert for repairs on transmission stating it will certainly be nearly $1400 to replace clutches in transmission. There would be no troubles with the clutches if over there was never anything wrong v the transmission control module to begin with. Repairing the transmission should not be on the owner of these vehicles and Ford should be liable for the repair to an worry that was their responsibility to correct from the beginning and also was not corrected in a timely manner.

Whenever it rains and also I"m using my wipers lock will simply shut off randomly or they execute a really inconvenient delay at the worst the times particularly when it"s raining hard. It"s dangerous and also you can"t see. Oddly enough my horn don"t work either. I gained the vehicle January 1st,2020 of course it was previously owned I got it native a used auto dealer the horn functioned until ns think March, 2020. I hit a bump and also it"s favor it simply quit after the then a pair week later on I gained a bump again and also it began workin because that it a lite bit. Rhen a couple days went by and also it just stopped never to work again. Confirm all the fuses they every looked great none looked blown. It"s scary since so plenty of times human being will either pull the end in former of me choose they don"t view me or practically hit me and I have actually no method to alarm them the they almost him me and need come lay attention. Then there"s the totality having to take it off gradually if not and also you take off rapid it the automobile will jerk and also stall and also it does it yes, really when sometimes when transforming and now the rpm drop so low as soon as idling it practically dies. I simply replace the engine a couple months ago and it was doing this before the ne motor got out in simply not as bad. And it"s kike you can press the gas pedal and push it however the car. Aren"t beg jl and goes. . . It"s scary to me and I usually constantly have my boy with me. The freaks me out because not only does it stall or everything it"s doing I have no horn to let civilization know come go roughly I know a girl I work with her daughter has the same vehicle as me and also stalking has gotta. Watch all problems of the 2012 Ford Focus🔎.

The horn doesn"t job-related all the time in addition to the doors not constantly locking or unlocking. The horn comes to me deeply. I don"t have actually a radio haven"t had actually one in a couple of months i filed a complain a couple months ago. I"m a Ford person and I yes, really wish Ford were take treatment if these issues. A horn is a pretty crucial safety issue with the car.

The horn in the car sometimes work and also sometimes doesnt, the trunk go not open unless from inside.

Tl- the call owns a 2014 Ford Focus. The contact stated the the horn to be inoperable. The electrical fuse was replaced yet the failure continued to occur. The reason of the failure was no determined. The local dealer and also manufacturer to be not educated of the failure. The failure mileage was 82,000. Jft.

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Tried sound the horn early to an additional vehicle running a red irradiate in my instant path. Horn to be inoperative. Gift a professional technician, i troubleshot the problem down come the horn itself, as both the fuse and relay to be serviceable.