The Dodge grand Caravan is a minivan sporting lot of of cargo space, a solid V6 engine with 283 horsepower. It has convenient attributes for towing. It’s perfect because that a family members camping or roadway trip but is the actually capable of towing a travel trailer? and also if so, how large can that take trip trailer be? We’ve set out to research the question and also have some answers for you.

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The grand Caravan is qualified of towing some travel trailers, yet not all. It greatly depends ~ above the weight of the trailer. It likewise depends on how much weight is in the vehicle itself.

Before attempting come tow any size travel trailer, continue reading for tips, things to consider, and details around the Dodge cool Caravan. This short article will help you break up what size trailers it have the right to tow.

Useful Dodge grand Caravan Facts

According come a buyer’s guide from car.com, the Dodge grand Caravan is thought about one that the ideal vans currently on the industry for towing. It’s additionally one of the cheapest minivans, beginning at $27,040 because that the basic model.

Underneath the hood is one engine the is geared to provide swift, efficient performance. The comes through an award-winning 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 Flex Fuel engine. This engine brings an approximated 25 MPG ~ above the highway through the assist of its variable Valve Timing; this adjusts intake and exhaust valve timing. For your strength and towing needs, it additionally comes through up to 283 horsepower and also 260 pound-feet of torque.


When make a long trip and also the weather or the road isn’t all the driver-friendly, the grand Caravan comes through all-speed traction and also electronic stability control. The all-speed traction control applies brake pressure whenever the senses that a wheel is turn to assist maintain automobile stability and traction. The electrical stability manage keeps an eye on her steering and also adjusts the engine’s throttle to keep directional manage — this aids in being able to tow a trailer safely.

For your take trip trailer, the cool Caravan likewise comes v Trailer persuade Control. This is a sensor the detects once your trailer is swaying also much. Once this occurs, the Caravan will automatically use brakes and also reduce the power provided in the engine to do the trailer prevent swaying. This will certainly not immediately stop the trailer indigenous swaying, but it will assist you in getting control back. If you’re looking to buy a cool Caravan, you’d it is in buying a minivan with excellent towing capabilities.

What Is The Towing capacity Of The Dodge cool Caravan?

There room a few factors the determine just how much the cool Caravan can realistically tow. The maximum weight that it can tow is 3,600 pounds, v up to 2 people and also luggage included. With three to five people, the preferably is 3,450 pounds. With six or 7 people, the best is 3,000 pounds. These space rough estimates. This number will change based ~ above the weight of her passengers and gear.

Dodge strong recommends that you don’t tow anything through the Caravan during the an initial 500 miles, or else you danger damaging the engine. In the first 500 miles that you carry out tow her trailer, journey no faster than 50 miles per hour. because that brand brand-new Grand Caravans, this suggestions aid the engine get used come towing heavier loads.

Make sure you read this post on towing a take trip trailer for some great safety tips!

Do all Dodge cool Caravans Come fitted To Tow?


If you’re seeking to buy a grand Caravan and this concern looms in your mind, don’t worry. Any year, make, or model will take care of the job. Simply be certain that the car has a tow package.

What Is The Tow parcel Of The Dodge grand Caravan?

Before looking into a tow package, you have to take into consideration how huge of a fill you may be towing. Depending on the pack size, there room three species of packages: course one (light duty), course two (medium duty), and also class three (heavy duty). Over there is an extra heavy-duty class, but it won’t be usable due to the fact that the cool Caravan deserve to only tow 3,600 pounds.

The tow package must come v the hitch (if no pre-installed), electrical connections (to strength the trailer’s brake, signal and license bowl lights), transmission, and drivetrain.

Should I get a tow package native the dealership or buy and install mine own?

The answer to this inquiry is completely up come you. It’s a fight of acquiring it installed much faster and more securely versus cheaper and also done by yourself.

If you decide to gain your own, recognize that the prices of hitches and accessories can selection from $150 to $800, follow to Angie’s List. An choice for a course three package compatible for the cool Caravan, do by Curt, have the right to be perceived here.

Am I minimal On options For A travel Trailer?


If you already have a Dodge cool Caravan and are trying to find a trailer, you may think your alternatives are restricted because of its maximum weight capabilities. 3 thousand six hundred pounds is pretty decent, however it’s much less than the mean weight of a travel trailer, which is approximately 5,200 pounds dry. That method no gear, no water weight, and also no hefty accessories favor luggage. The typical trailer has actually a 48-gallon tank for water, i m sorry can add almost 400 pounds to the overall weight as soon as full.

Those space all average facts around a trailer. That course, there are plenty that exceptions.

Characteristics come Watch out For

Whether your cool Caravan can tow a travel trailer depends heavily on the building and construction type, dimensions, and features of your trailer.

For example, a camping trailer v pop-outs won’t have much the an as whole weight increase. Camping trailers through motorized slide-outs have the right to carry second 800 pounds. Opportunities are you’ll require a stronger vehicle or truck to tow any type of trailer v motorized slide outs.

There space two an easy builds the trailers: fiberglass and also stick-built. Fiberglass developed trailers have an aluminum steel structure that’s considerably lighter in weight. Stick-built trailers are constructed with wooden 2×4’s ~ above the inside with aluminum corrugated siding outside; this weigh approximately 900 pounds more in comparison come fiberglass. For the grand Caravan’s towing capacity, try to stick v trailers make of fiberglass and also with pop-outs as component of the design.


What Trailers must I look Into?

Shop around for lightweight trailers do of fiberglass once available. Check out this post for our evaluate on the 13 lightest take trip trailer models. Every one of these trailers weight below 3,200 pounds so you have the right to make an informed decision around trailer weight.

Important security Information

Below room some note to keep in mind before towing anything.

If anything you tow weighs much more than 1,000 pounds, it requirements to have actually independent brakes.Overloading her trailer dangers damaging the trailer or the car, and also can reason loss of control.Distribute the weight so the 60% of the is in the prior of the trailer, and also 40% is in the back. Much more than 40% weight in the ago can increase the chances of the trailer swaying.

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In short, the Dodge cool Caravan is qualified of towing a take trip trailer. If you’re in search of a minivan that’s qualified of towing, the grand Caravan is capable of law the job. If you already have a grand Caravan and also are ~ above the hunt for a travel trailer, save it light. Us recommend the you look for trailers the weigh less than 3,000 pounds so over there won’t too lot concern about weight.

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