If she interested in towing equipment however don’t want a truck, an SUV is a an excellent option. You can hitch bigger items when needed and still have actually a an excellent commuter auto for the Bedford, Manchester, and also Merrimack, NH, areas.

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One automobile you might be interested in is the 2021 Lexus RX 350. The Lexus RX 350 boasts a towing capacity of as much as 3,500 pounds. In addition, it has actually impressive cargo volume and powerful performance specs. We’ll give you every that info below, then tell you exactly how you deserve to test journey the auto at Ira Lexus that Manchester today!

2021 Lexus RX 350 Towing Capacity

The 2021 Lexus RX 350 has a preferably towing capacity of 3,500 pounds as soon as properly equipped. The RX 350 achieves this towing capacity with the Towing prepare Package, i m sorry includes:

Heavy-duty radiatorTransmission coolerEngine-oil cooler

With this type of towing capability, you can lug along a time trailer or part ATVs on your next camping trip.

Furthermore, there are countless features to help make towing easier than ever. Among them is the back-up camera the comes typical in the vehicle. As soon as you placed the RX 350 in Reverse, the watch behind friend is shown on the multimedia display, make it easy to affix your trailer to her SUV.

Lexus RX 350 power Specs

With a comfortable ride and swift acceleration, the 2021 RX 350 makes for a an excellent everyday SUV.

It comes through a 3.5L V6 engine it is mated come an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Lexus RX 350 Engine Specs:

Horsepower: 295 HPTorque: 267 lb-ftAcceleration (0-60 MPH): 7.7 seconds

The vehicle is also quite fuel efficient, afford an EPA-estimated 20 city/28 highway MPG. Through numbers like these, you deserve to spend a lengthy time ~ above the road before needing to avoid to refuel.

In addition, when the RX 350 comes typical in front-wheel drive, it’s available in all-wheel journey (AWD). The Dynamic Torque control AWD system can monitor road problems in actual time and also adapt to changing situations.

If the road starts to acquire slick, engine strength is instantly shifted between the front and also rear axles. This will aid you remain in control, whether or no you’re towing equipment.

2021 Lexus RX 350 Cargo Space

What’s impressive about the Lexus RX 350 is the it’s capable of both towing huge equipment and fitting smaller items inside the cabin. The RX 350 also makes it straightforward to customize her cargo area many thanks to the second-row 60/40 split fold configuration.

Cargo Capacity v Rear seats Up

Cargo Capacity through Rear seat Down

16 cubic feet

32.6 cubic feet

For extra cargo space, the RX 350 is offered with an available 3rd row. Through this configuration, you have a maximum cargo capacity of 58.5 cubic feet.

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The car offers power-folding and -reclining second-row seats for her convenience. You can fold down one half of the earlier row or on slide it forward to maximize cargo room. Plus, the 60/40 break-up lets friend fit huge items while tho leaving room for a back-seat passenger.

Additionally, a convenient power Rear Door is standard. This feature makes it straightforward to access the cargo area, also when your hands room full. Just kick your foot under the behind bumper to clock the tailgate open in seconds!