While meny present 3DS owners room experiencing technological issues, retailers aren"t seeing the expected number of units fly throughout retail counters.

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Nintendo"s brand-new 3DS handheld gaming device has lastly landed here in the States, officially released as that 12am Sunday morning (or come some, beforehand Saturday evening). But just hours after that release, reports began to surface ar that the portable console is enduring what"s referred to as the "Black screen of Death."

According to reports, the trouble isn"t connected to details games, however rather wake up at any time no matter what"s inserted or not inserted: once playing online, as soon as accessing the food selection system, playing a video game offline, etc. As soon as the machine crashes, both displays go black and also a post in white shows up in the bottom window, informing the user that an error has actually occurred.

"Hold under the POWER switch to rotate off the power," the article reads," then rotate it top top and try again. If the difficulty persists, please contact your customer support center. For call details, examine the Operations hands-on or visit support.nintendo.com."

Reports have indicated that this straightforward hard reboot works simply fine, allowing the user earlier into the device without additional problems. Various other customers have reported that the post loops or wake up repeatedly, hence forcing them come return the 3DS to the retailer in exchange for a brand-new unit.

Currently the portion of impacted "Black screen of Death" users is unknown, and also at the moment of this writing, Nintendo has actually not provided any info on the issue.

For those that are right now suffering the hardware problem and haven"t returned the machine due come a possible lack of instead of stock, retailers room reporting surprisingly lackluster sales. While consumer demand has actually been "very strong" in regards to pre-orders, the 3DS is not flying off keep shelves together expected, v plenty of stock still residents behind the counter as that Monday morning. It"s possible the $249 pricetag might be also steep, that retailers overstocked in eager anticipation, or that the DS/DSi is quiet a highly-popular, solve product.

Of course, significant retailers like best Buy and also GameStop may see a less-than-stellar demand at start simply as result of the variety of brick-and-mortar stores actually offering the device. End in the UK, oil giant BP is supposedly selling the Nintendo 3DS in about 100 that its organization stations for a recommended retail price of £229.99. The stores are additionally stocking Nintendo 3DS games.

As for right here in the States, us haven"t heard any reports of non-traditional outlets supplying the new handheld. Assumption: v we"ll go inside and check the next time we need to dump our life savings into a tank that BP gas.

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