That equation appears correct however I"m no able to show my 6th grader how to obtain the answer.

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The exactly equation is $X-0.2X=60$ or equivalenly $0.8X=60$, which evaluate to $X=frac600.8=frac34=75$.



If you desire to stop algebra because that some reason (you speak you have the equation yet can"t present your sixth grader exactly how to resolve it indigenous there), climate here"s another way to explain it.

$60$ is $20\%$ much less than some number. For this reason $60$ is $80\%left(=frac45 ight)$ that this number. So this number $ imes frac45$ gives you $60$. Therefore this number have to be $60 imesfrac54=75$.


Working with number is what has actually helped me to know things deep from sixth grade to now. I deserve to still remember knowledge linear algebra v 2 measurement real valued vectors in mine head.

Something that would have worked on the sixth grader ns was: (italic is the boy answer the remainder is what the teacher display / says:

$60$ is $20%$ less than what number x?

Well the number have to to be bigger than 60 since it is that number minus something. Let"s try $100$: $100 - 20% 100 = 80$ that is also big.

But what execute we want? I don"t know

What execute we want on the appropriate side the the equation? 60

What number ~ above the left side should provide us 60? I don"t know

60 is 20% less than what number x? What number ~ above the left next should provide us 60? x

Replace 100 through x and also 80 through 60 in the formula. Oh Ok

I would shot to teach equations v something simpler at an initial maybe. The idea of percent is tricky and pretty daunting to grasp.

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$$ 20 ext % ext less way 80 ext % $$

$$ 80 ext % way 4 the end of 5$$

$$ ext 4 out of 5 is 60$$

$$ ext What is 5 the end of 5 ?$$

$$ ext It is 75 $$

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What carry out you know around number X, remembering that $X$ = 100% the $X$?

You recognize that : 60 is the an outcome of substracting 20% of X indigenous X, or, equivalently,

$100$% that $X$ - $20$% the $X$ = $60$,

which means that :

$80$% of $X = 60$, or

$frac 80 100 imes X = 60$.

You ultimately get $X$ by splitting eaxh next by $frac 80 100$.

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