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ax Tissues
Definition Cells that are comparable in structure and also perform a usual or connected function.

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Term Epithelial tissue has two types:They are?
Definition 1. Covering and lining 2. Glandular
Term The features of epithelial tissue includes (6):
Definition 1. Protection2. Absorption3. Filtration4. Excretion5. Secretion6. Sensory reception
Term cheap is a speciality of ______.
Definition Glands
Term due to the fact that all epithelia has an apical surface (upper cost-free surface exposed to the human body exterior or cavity the an internal organ) and a basal surface, then all epithelia exhibition ____1___ an interpretation that cabinet regions near the apical surface ar __2___ indigenous those near the basal surface in both ___3____ and also ___4____.
Definition 1. Apicalbasal polarity2. Differ3. Structure4. Function
Term A brush border is?
Definition The term provided to describe the fuzzy apperance as soon as microvilli are so thick from every the cabinet apices (or point of the cell).
Term What is the "basal lamina" the the basal surface of an epithelium?
Definition A NONCELLULAR ADHESIVE sheet consisting greatly of GLYCOPROTIENS secreted by the epithelial cells. The is a SELECTIVE FILTER that determines which molecule diffusing from underlying connective tissue are permitted to get in the epithelium.
Term chop junctions assist to do what? This duty results in help to preserve _______ ________.
Definition Keep proteins in the apical an ar of the plasma membrane indigenous diffusing into the basal region THUS helping to maintain EPITHELIAL POLARITY.
Term The three special characteristics of epithelium are:
Definition 1. Polarity2. Specialized contacts3. Sustained by connective tissue.4. AVASCULAR (contains no blood vessels) yet INNERVATED (supplied through nerve fibers)5. Regeneration
Term What 2 laminae (sheets) form the basement membrane that reinforces the epithelial sheet and defines the boundary in between the epithelial and connective tissue?
Definition Basal Lamina and reticular lamina.
Term What is the reticular lamina and also where is it?
Definition The reticular lamina is simply deep to the basal lamina (which together form the basement membrane) and is extracellular material that contains a good network the collagen yarn belonging to underlying connective tissue.
Term functions of simple cuboidal:Example that location:
Definition Secretion & absorption.Ex:) develops the walls of the the smallest ducts of glands and of plenty of kidney tubules.
Term The attributes of straightforward epithelia are:
Definition Absorption, secretion, and also filtration.
Term Two basic squamous epithelia in the body are: (The name reflect location; hint: inner & middle)Functions?
Definition Inner = ENDOTHELIUM: this offers a slick lining in lymphatic vessels and also in all hole organs that the cardiovascular mechanism (blood vessels and also the heart).
Term an easy columnar epithelium functions additionally include absorption and secretion, and are located all with the _____ ____ and also sometimes home _____ ___.
Definition Digestive Tract.Goblet Cells.
Term What space Goblet Cells?
Definition Cells the secrete a security lubricating mucus. Uncovered in locations like the cradle tract.
Term What go "keratinized" mean? and also where is keratinized epithelium found?
Definition Keratinized method that the cell contain keratin i m sorry is a tough protective protein. Keratinized cell are discovered in the epidermis.
Term wherein is stratified cuboidal epithelium found?
Definition In the larger glands of the human body (mammary and sweat glands).
Term explain transitional epithelium. (Location, function, basal and also apical cabinet layers).
Definition Transitional epithelial cells have actually the capacity to "transition" or readjust shape.They are discovered in the lining of hollow urinary organs.Basal layer: cuboidal or columnarApical layer: vary in appearance (depending on level of distension in the organ)
Term specify a gland.There are: ______ and also ______. Additionally _______ and ________.Define a secretion.
Definition A gland consists of 1 or an ext cells the make and also secrete a product (called a secretion).There room endocrine and exocrine glands and unicellular and also multicellular. A cheap is the product and also the procedure of making that product that is developed by a gland. It is an aqueous fluid usually comprise proteins however sometimes a lipid or steroid secretion.
Term describe an endocrine gland:
Definition They are ductless glands that produce hormones.
Term describe exocrine glands.
Definition They space numerous and secrete assets onto human body surfaces and into body cavities. Instances are mucous, sweat, oil, bile, salivary glands and also digestive enzyme (from the pancreas).
Term The only crucial example the a uncellular cells gland in the human body is the ______ ____.
Definition Goblet cell.
Term multicell exocrine glands have two an easy parts: an epithelium-derived ___ and _____ ___. ______ _____ ____ surrounds the secretory unit and also supplies it v blood vessels and also nerve yarn that kind a _____ ____ the extends right into the gland proper and also divides the gland right into lobes.
Definition duct, secretory unitsupportive connective tissuefibrous capsule
Term REVIEW figure 4.4 because that TEST
Definition REVIEW figure 4.4 for TEST (Types of multicell exocrine glands)
Term multicellular gland varieties are:1. __________and2. __________Which room (#1) glands: sweat glands, sebaceous glands, outstanding glands
Definition 1. Merocrine2. Holocrinesweat glands & salivary glandssebaceous glands room really the just true type of holocrine glands.
Term The most widely spread of the main tissues is __________ _______.
Definition Connective tissue.
Term The four main classes of connective organization are:
Definition 1. Connective tissue ideal (fat & fibrous tissue of ligaments)2. Cartilage3. Bone tissue4. Blood
Term The four significant functions the connective tissue is:
Definition 1. Binding and also support2. Protection3. Insulation4. (in terms of the blood) transportation
Term all _______ ______ arise from mesenchyme (an embryonic tissue).
Definition Connective tissues.
Term every other major tissues room composed mainly of cells; however, _______ _____ are mostly nonliving extracellular matrix. Because of the matrix,it is able to:
Definition Connective tissues.Bear weight, withstand an excellent tension and also endure abuses the no other tissue would have the ability to tolerate.
Term The 3 main elements of connective tissues are:
Definition Ground substance, fibers, and cells.*Ground substance and also fibers consist of the extracellular matrix.
Term Merocrine glands secrete their commodities by _________.
Definition exocytosis
Term Holocrine glands release their cheap by:
Definition Rupturing, publication not only the cheap but additionally dead cabinet fragments.
Term Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are:
Definition large, negatively charged polysaccharides that stick the end from the protein main point of a proteoglycan.
Term name each cabinet of each connective tissue class:Connective organization proper:Cartilage:Bone:Blood:Name after synthesized v matrix:Connective organization proper:Cartilage:Bone:
Definition Connective tissue proper: FibroblastCartilage: ChondroblastBone: OsteoblastBlood: Hematopoietic stem cellConnective tissue proper: FibrocyteCartilage: ChondrocyteBone: Osteocyte
Term Mast cells:
Definition Cells that detect international substances and initiate neighborhood inflammatory responses against them.
Term Macrophages:
Definition Phagocytize (eat) a broad variety of international materials (ranging from molecule to entire bacteria come dust particles).
Term What space connective tissue propers two subclasses?
Definition Loose connective tissue and also Dense connective tissue.*Except because that bone, cartilage and blood, all mature connective organization belong come this class.
Term loose connective tissue is composed of:
Definition Areolar, adipose and reticular.

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Term dense connective tissue is composed of:
Definition Dense regular, dense irregular, and elastic.