Undefined term
A simple figure the is not identified in terms of other figures.

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CollinearPoints the lie top top the same line.
PlaneA level surface that has actually no thickness and extends forever.
LineA straight course that has actually no thickness and extends forever.
PointA place that has no size.
CoplanarPoints that lie in the very same plane.
EndpointA suggest at an finish of a segment or the starting point that a ray.
RayA part of a line the starts at an endpoint and extends forever in one direction.
PostulateA statement that is welcomed as true without proof, also called one axiom.
VertexThe typical endpoint of the sides of one angle.
Opposite raysTwo light ray that have a common endpoint and type a line.
SegmentA component of a line consisting of 2 endpoints and also all points between them.
DistanceThe absolute value of the distinction of the works with of 2 points.
ConstructionA method of developing a figure that is considered to be mathematically precise.
BetweenGiven 3 points A, B, and C, B is in between A and C if and only if all three of the clues lie ~ above the same line, and abdominal muscle + BC = AC.
Coordinate planeA aircraft that is split into four regions through a horizontal line referred to as the x-axis and a upright line called the y-axis.
CoordinateA number used to recognize the ar of a point.
Congruent segmentsTwo segment that have actually the exact same length.
DegreeA unit of edge measure.
MidpointThe allude that divides a segment into two congruent segments.
BisectTo divide into two congruent parts.
AngleA number formed by 2 rays with a common endpoint.
MeasureThe usage of devices to uncover a dimension or quantity.
Segment bisectorA line, ray, or segment the divides a segment right into two congruent segments.
Vertical anglesThe nonadjacent angles formed by two intersecting lines.
Straight angleAn angle developed by 2 opposite beam that actions 180°.
Acute angleAn angle that measures higher than 0° and also less 보다 90°.
Right angleAn edge that actions 90°.
Interior of an angleThe set of every points in between the political parties of one angle.
Obtuse angleAn angle that measures better than 90° and also less 보다 180°.
Exterior of an angleThe collection of every points outside an angle.
Adjacent anglesTwo angle in the same aircraft with a typical vertex and a typical side, yet no usual interior points.
Complementary anglesTwo angle whose measures have actually a sum of 90°.
Supplementary anglesTwo angle whose measures have a amount of 180°.
Angle bisectorA beam that divides one angle right into two congruent angles.
Linear pairA pair of surrounding angles who noncommon sides room opposite rays.
Congruent anglesAngles that have the same measure.
ImageA shape that results from a revolution of a figure.
PreimageThe original figure in a transformation.
ReflectionA revolution across a line.
TransformationA adjust in the position, size, or form of a figure.
RotationA change about a point P, such that each allude and its photo are the exact same distance from P.
TranslationA change in which every the points of a number move the same distance in the exact same direction.
legOne of the 2 sides of the right triangle that type the best angle.
AreaThe variety of nonoverlapping unit squares the a offered size that will exactly cover the internal of a plane figure.
HypotenuseThe next opposite the right angle in a ideal triangle.
LengthThe distance in between the 2 endpoints that a segment.
baseAny side of a triangle.
HeightAsegment native a peak that forms a ideal angle with a heat containing the base.
RadiusA segment whose endpoints room the facility of a circle and a point on the circle, or the distance from the facility of a circle come any suggest on the circle.
PerimeterThe sum of the side lengths of a closed airplane figure.
piThe proportion of the one of a circle to its diameter, denoted by the Greek letter π.
CircumferenceThe distance roughly the circle.

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DiameterA segment the passes through the center of a circle and whose endpoints space on the circle, or the size of together a segment.