The Act come Prevent air pollution from pearl places restrictions on the discharge of rubbish from vessels. That is illegal to dump refuse, garbage, or plastic into any kind of state or federally controlled waters. Plenty of forms the litter deserve to kill birds, fish, and also marine mammals.

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You need to store rubbish in a container when on board and place the in a suitable receptacle after returning to shore. If boating on federally managed waters and your ship is 26 feet or longer, friend must screen a rubbish Disposal Placard in a influential location. The garbage Disposal Placard is a sturdy sign that is at least 4 × 9 inches and also notifies passengers and crew around discharge restrictions.


Maryland regulation states that it is illegal come throw; dump; deposit; or cause to be thrown, dumped, or deposited any trash, junk, or other refuse into any Maryland waters. The courage owner as well as the operator are liable for any type of trash thrown indigenous a vessel.

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