If the note receivable is expected to be received in 12 then it is listed as a Current Asset else as Investments.

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For further detail in how you can recognize Financial instrument ,please refer to the accounting rules for this type of accounts in https://www.iasplus.com/en/standards/ias/ias39

An American-style call option with six months to maturity has a strike price of $35. The underlying stock now sells for $43. The


a) $8

b) $4

c) Decrease



A call option as you probably know, is an agreement to buy an asset on or before a particular day at a price already determined in the agreement.

a) the Intrinsic value of the option is the market price minus the strike price.

Intrinsic Value = Market Price - Strike price

= $43 - $35

= $8 per share.

It is worthy of note that for an option, of the intrinsic value dips into negative figures it is just said to be 0.

b) To calculate the time value, we subtract the intrinsic value from the call premium

= Call Premium - Intrinsic value

= $12 - $8

= $4

c) The call option has 6 months to maturity and the dividends are to come in 3 months. Share prices usually drop after a dividend has been paid so because the call option matures in 6 months, the price of the call option will DECREASE owing to the Expected drop in stock price.

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Scora, Inc., is preparing its master budget for the quarter ending March 31. It sells a single product for $50 per unit. Budgete
Nina <5.8K>


Sale budget January= $50,000

Sales budget February= $130,000

Sales budget March= $60,000


Giving the following information:

It sells a single product for $50 per unit. Budgeted sales for the next three months follow. January February March Sales in units 1,000 2,600 1,200

The sales budget is a simple multiplication between the selling price per unit and the number of units sold.

Sale budget January= 1,000*50= $50,000

Sales budget February= 2,600*50= $130,000

Sales budget March= 1,200*50= $60,000

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Davidson Software Technologies believes in hiring only the best programmers in the industry. As a result, it uses a comprehensiv
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The correct ptcouncil.net is C


HRM system is the system which is designed in order to automate the business process of human resource, compliance, transactions and payroll. This system allows the business to focus on the people through streamlining all the software workforce into the business intelligence solution.

Recruitment and selection is the procedure of identifying the requirement of job and defining the need of the position, advertising the position and selecting the appropriate person for the position.

Therefore, the recruitment and selection is the component of HRM system which uses the hiring procedure that comprise of testing and interviewing the professionals.

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Compute the variances in dollar amount and in percentage. (Round to the nearest whole percent.) Indicate whether the variance is
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Dollar Variance is -$100

Percent Variance is -20%

Since the actual amount received is less than the budgeted amount, the variance is unfavorable (U).

We calculate Dollar Variance as


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Next calculate percent variance as



Percentage Variance = -20%.

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A company begins a review of ordering policies for its continuous review system by checking the current policies for a sample of
Maru <420>



Given that:

weekly demand = 72 units

no of weeks in 1 year = 48

Then; total demand = 72 × 48 = 3456 units

No of orders =




The periodic review (P) =





= 0.041956 year

≅ 2 weeks

Z score based on 88 percent service level = NORMSINV(0.88) = 1.18


Lead time = 3 wks

P = 2 weeks

Thus protection interval = ( 3+2) weeks

= 5 weeks

Safety stock = z-score × std dev. of demand at (P+L) days

std dev =

= 2.236 × 18

std dev = 40.248 units

Safety stock = 1.18 × 40.248

safety stock = 47.49 units

Safety stock ≅ 48 units

Average demand during(P + L) = 5 × 72 units

= 360 units

Target inventory level = average demand + safety stock

= 360 units + 48 units

= 408 units

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