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I"m spring for single words that might replace "coop" in the following sentence. It need to be specifically pertained to birds.

The birds room in the coop.

I have actually come up with numerous options, but I"m trying to find more.

Already considered: aviary, hatchery, henhouse, roost, menagerie.

There"s not a certain structure I have actually in mind. I"m searching for the word the feels most fitting because that my bird themed project. It can be much more accurate to say I"m trying to find the name of a location a team of bird (free or captive) would certainly "call home."

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A colony is a team of bird of one or much more species that colony or roost at a details location.

Paraphrased from Wikipedia.

The native colony does typically refer to a place, fairly than come its inhabitants.

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on a farm: hen house.

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in the wild: wildlife refuge -- albeit a little of a stretch.

nesting grounds: rookeries

In basic (and yes IAANAM -- national Audubon Member), there"s no generic surname for a ar where countless birds of one varieties congregate. They yes, really don"t have houses per se.

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In Aristophanes" play The Birds1, the birds were planning a bird homeland-in-the-sky to be called Νεφελοκοκκυγία2, i beg your pardon is most regularly translated as Cloud-Cuckoo Land in ptcouncil.net. Native the play:

PISTHETAIROS then the very first point I’d advise you that is this: <550> there must be one solitary city of the birds. . . . PISTHETAIROS First, we need to name our city, other fine and grand. . . . PISTHETAIROS Well, then, how do you like this: Cloudcuckooland?

CHORUS LEADER Yes! it is good! did you do it come up with a name 1090 <820> that’s really wonderful—it’s great!

Thus that is precise

the name of a location a team of birds (free or captive) would certainly "call home."

Unfortunately, it"s now end up being something of a synonym because that an unrealistic utopian belief,3 however I can see utilizing it because that the home of a lot of birds of various species, specifically if the home is a built sanctuary or otherwise particularly welcoming to birds.

Alternatively, you might use the bush because that a safe ar in the wild because that birds, as in the saying A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush4. The would likewise be consistent with the devoted meaning that the expression as a street of wilderness. From Cambridge Dictionaries:

< U > (esp. In Australia and also Africa) one area that land spanned with bushes and also trees that has actually never to be farmed and where couple of people live

I think you would certainly be taken on a pair of levels if you claimed something like

The birds are in the bush, for sure from human being hands.

1 The quoted message is Ian Johnston"s translation of The Birds, via Vancouver Island University2 view Wiktionary3 watch Cambridge Dictionary4 Ibid.