This is an analysis essay in i beg your pardon the author discusses Sacha"s guilt in the short story "A Problem" created by Anton Chekhov.

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This essay obtained a D by one of"s paper graders. Click right here to watch what to be done well and also what requirements improvement.



This essay obtained a D by among"s file graders. Click below to watch what was done well and what requirements improvement.

Jenn"s feedback:

"This essay is off to a good start. You have plainly identified personality traits and also the problems that characters are gift with. You should start the paper with an arrival that tells readers what they will certainly be analysis about. You space off come a an excellent start v this through talking around Sacha and also Anton, but you need to existing the details in a much more coherent manner. You additionally need to finish the arrival with a thesis statement the tells the reader what the goal of ours essay is. The details you have presented in her essay is no presented in a cohesive or logical manner. You have actually written about points continuously using similar language (e.g., Sacha forged a signature on an IOU). Over there is inconsistent spacing throughout the essay and inconsistent capitalization of names and also titles. With the way you have actually worded things it is uncertain if this is claimed to it is in an opinion item or an analysis piece. If the score of the essay is to analysis an worry or situation then words favor "unacceptable" and "I believe" should be removed. You additionally make interlocutor statement yet do not carry out evidence. When you say things choose "Sacha must not..." you have to follow those statements through a "...because..."."

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In-text citation:

(, 2021)

Reference perform entry: (2021). The theme and also conflict in anton chekhov"s "a problem". Http://

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In-text citation:

("The Theme and also Conflict in Anton Chekhov"s "A Problem".")

Works cited entry:

"The Theme and Conflict in Anton Chekhov"s "A Problem".", 2021,


1. "The Theme and Conflict in Anton Chekhov"s "A Problem".", 2021. Http://

Bibliography entry:

"The Theme and Conflict in Anton Chekhov"s "A Problem".", 2021. Http://

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