There room many problems in Lorraine Hansberry"s A Raisin in the Sun, both internal and also external. The main conflicts in the play room the Younger family"s struggles with gaue won hardship, prejudice, and also racism.

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Lorraine Hansberry"s pat A Raisin in the Sun concentrates on the Youngers: a Black family members living in poor in Chicago"s south side. The pat features plenty of conflicts, both internal and also external, yet the primary disputes are the Youngers" battles with financial hardship and also racism.

The Youngers live in a...

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Lorraine Hansberry"s pat A Raisin in the Sun concentrates on the Youngers: a Black family members living in poverty in Chicago"s southern side. The play features plenty of conflicts, both internal and external, yet the primary conflicts are the Youngers" struggles with financial hardship and racism.

The Youngers live in a dilapidated apartment in a negative neighborhood. The apartment only has actually two bedrooms and also is house to four adults and also a child. That is fallout’s apart, as is the furniture in it. The Youngers dream of having a nicer residence and better lives. Walter is unhappy v his job as a limousine driver. Beneatha desires to come to be a doctor. Lena has constantly dreamed the owning a house.

Lena obtain a $10,000 life insurance money payment after she husband"s death. It appears that over there is hope for the family members to realize its dreams. Lena offers much that the money to Walter to invest in a liquor keep with his friends, with the stipulation that he put aside $3,000 for Beneatha"s schooling. Walter gives every one of the money to his friend, including Beneatha"s share, and his friend flees with it. Lena is able to do a under payment ~ above a house with some of the continuing to be money.

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The Youngers confront racism and also prejudice when attempting to buy a house in a White neighborhood. Your future neighbors send a man named knife Lindner to sell them a huge sum that money to no move into their neighborhood. Walter initially plans to expropriate the offer, however the Youngers eventually decide to relocate to their new home in spite of their unwelcome agree by their new neighbors.