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John Cooney, author of TBA, TBA2, Grid16, and the round Revamped series, has actually unveiled his recent epic adventure. Along with timeless, standard platforming gameplay, success Unlocked uses you the possibility to knife no much less than One. Hundred. Achievements. Holy bat farts on a bus.

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"100 achievements!?!?" ns hear girlfriend splutter, spraying muffin crumbs almost everywhere your keyboard, "That is so plenty of achievements, that puts me in an individual danger! The dopamine-eating dwarf who lives in my brain will prosper fat and heavy, and then my head will certainly loll to one side and I"ll have to walk every funny! My crucial work as a photograph-straightener will suffer! please don"t make me click the game, Mr. Man With the Words."

But it"s not me who requests your clickage. It"s the elephant. That throws marvelous rave parties, his skin is a fetching shade of blue, the appreciates polka and also ragtime music, and he thinks that you must play his game. It will hurt his feel if you don"t. Why perform you desire to pains the elephant? Can"t you recognize the depth that his elephant emotions? He only wants to help you obtain achievements. Pretty, shiiiiiny achievements. Success are very useful. Perhaps you deserve to share them with your friends, or make a small house out of them. And then you and your friends deserve to all live in the residence with your brand-new elephant buddy and you will certainly be happy together and also you have the right to eat success for all your meals until there"s no more house left.

And then you will be free.

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Thanks to Repairmanman and Loki for sending out this one in!

#0: Don"t relocate a Muscle: not MOVE!

#1: It"s a run to the Left: Jump and move left.

#2: and it"s a action to the Ri-i-ight!: Strain you yourself to move right

#3: hit Gravity: Jump

#4: Elephant Skewers: Hit you yourself on any kind of spike

#5: Ascension: usage the orange elevator pads to relocate up

#6: Lefty: fight the left wall (color will change from dark to light purple)

#7: Righty: (Hit the right wall (color will adjust from dark to light purple)

#8: violet Ceiling: fight the ceiling (color will readjust from dark to light purple)

#9: rock Bottom: relocate down come the bottom that the screen

#10: Speedy Downfall: autumn from the top of the display screen to the bottom (easiest method to do this is to it is in left the the "01" and fall before the relocating spikes fight you)


#11: escape Velocity: utilizing the launching pad near "04" walk the the top of the display screen without stopping

#12: Stalactite: kill yourself by going to the right launching pad and also aiming you yourself so the you are skewered top top the spikes

#13: Stalagmite: Go and hurl yourself into the pit

#14: Found point 0: peak left hand corner

#15: Found suggest 1: optimal right hand corner

#16: Found allude 2: near the outmost wall on the left

#17: Found allude 3: Bottom center of screen

#18: Found allude 4: close to the largest launching pad (Bottom appropriate corner)

#19: Found allude 5: facility of screen. Listed below respawn communication and above the spike pit.

#20: Bloodhound: Finding all points pointed out above.


#21: Floating Corpse: get a skeleton stuck in a launcher

#22: I have the right to Count come 5!: walk to clues in this order: 0,1,2,3,4,5

#23: We have actually Liftoff: go to points in this order: 5,4,3,2,1,0

#24: Airwalking: utilizing the mini pads top top the top of screen, remain afloat because that 10 seconds

#25: Hellbound: beginning corpse come bottom

#26: Heavenbound: beginning corpse come ceiling

#27: mystery Alcove: get surrounded by 3 sides (it"s diagonal line to "02")

#28: an enig Cave: acquire surrounded by three sides (it"s utmost bottom left corner)

#29: secret Hideout: obtain surrounded by 3 sides (utmost peak left corner by "00")

#30: death at 0: Fire a corpse at allude 0


#31: 1 o"clock murder: Fire a corpse at suggest 1

#32: obtain Off your Seats: organize down the up arrowhead (jump) for 10 seconds

#33: Cemetary: have actually 5 live corpses top top the display (do this quickly because they disappear!)

#34: Graveyard: have actually 7 live corpses ~ above the screen. (Either dying by moving spiked board or a combo of the pit and also the spiked boards it seems to be ~ to it is in the quickest)

#35: Half-Century: dice 50 times

#36: Century: dice 100 times

#37: and One More... : dice 101 times

#38: Stayin" Alive: continue to be alive for 15 seconds

#39: Longevity: continue to be alive for 30 seconds

#40: gone in a Flash: dice in much less 0.23 secs (easiest means to execute this is to kill yourself on the moving spike platform when it"s directly over you in ~ respawn)


#41: Wrecking Ball: fight the facility spike platform

#42: In the Pit: land a corpse in the pit

#43: Pit cap Trick: floor 3 corpses in the pit

#44: 10 pen Pit: floor 10 corpses in the pit (remember it is in quick!)

#45: double Play Pit: have actually two corpses in the pit at once

#46: Triple play Pit: have three corpses in the pit in ~ once

#47: Horizontal Confusion: organize both the left and right arrow keys

#48: vertical Confusion: hold both the up and also down arrowhead keys

#49: complete Confusion: press the space Bar

#50: my Favourite Spot: It"s located on the bottom left ledge by the pit


#51: 60 Seconds: Play for 1 minute

#52: 180 Seconds: Play because that 3 minutes

#53: 300 Seconds: Play for 5 minutes

#54: Pi : hit points 3,1,4 in that order

#55: THIS IS SPARTA: fight 3,0,0 in the order

#56: definition of Life: struggle 4,2 in that order

#57: (2*125)+3: fight 2,5,3 in that order

#58: 3*(30/(15-13)): struggle 4,5 in the order

#59: repaint 10: Touch 10 blocks (remember they"ll readjust from dark to light purple)

#60: paint 25: Touch 25 blocks


#61: repaint 50: Touch 50 blocks

#62: paint 75: Touch 75 blocks

#63: repaint 100: Touch 100 blocks

#64: Masterpiece: Touch every touchable block

#65: Jet 5: hit 5 launchers

#66: Jet 10: fight 10 launchers

#67: master Jetter: struggle every launcher

#68: 3 Spikes: fight 3 stationary spikes

#69: 7 Spikes: hit 7 stationary spikes

#70: Spikeful: Hit every stationary spikes


#71: excessive Makeover: Recolour all areas (remember dark to light purple)

#72: True Blue: struggle 1 to rotate blue

#73: Shocking Pink: struggle 2 to turn pink

#74: Sweet Orange: hit 3 to turn orange

#75: Stealth Black: struggle 4 to turn black

#76: Cheater: Click the "hint?" button

#77: Programmers Credit: type jmtb02

#78: Too lot Contra: form Contra

#79: No Cheese because that You: Click anywhere

#80: Bandwidth Exploiter: Don"t worry around this one. Already accomplished it before you started to pat the video game :> Congrats!


#81: You room El: Click the Armor gamings link

#82: menu Explorer: Again, don"t worry, it was taken care of in preload.

#83: quality Snob: click the "quality" button

#84: Scrolliastic: scroll the achievements section

#85: play the Game: start playing the game.

#86: gain to Level 1: Play.

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#87: not Listening: Click "mute" button

#88: Clink Clash Clink: component of preload

#89: finest Player Ever: Again, component of preload

90-99 are just percentages of just how many achievement you have done. And there you have actually it! The entirety game make UBER easy.