The Japanese assault on Pearl harbor on December 7, 1941, was the incentive for the joined States’ enntrance gate into human being War II. 


The united States declared war ~ above Japan the following day, December 8. ~ above December 11, Nazi Germany, Japan’s Axis ally, declared war ~ above the joined States. This forced the United says to go into a two-front war.

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In the an initial months ~ the assault on Pearl Harbor, Japan had good military success. A transforming point came in June 1942 in ~ the fight of Midway. It was the first time that Allied forces were may be to do headway in the Pacific.


In respectable 1945, the United says dropped atom bombs top top the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Together a result, approximately 120,000 civilians died. Japan official surrendered in September 1945.

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Japanese expansion in east Asia started in 1931 v the invasion of Manchuria and continued in 1937 v a brutal attack on China. ~ above September 27, 1940, Japan signed the Tripartite Pact through Germany and Italy, thus entering the army alliance well-known as the "Axis." Seeking to curb Japanese aggression and also force a withdrawal of Japanese forces from Manchuria and China, the United states imposed economic sanctions top top Japan. Confronted with major shortages the oil and other organic resources and also driven by the ambition to displace the United says as the leading Pacific power, Japan determined to attack the unified States and British pressures in Asia and also seize the sources of south east Asia.


Japan released a surprise assault on the United says Pacific fleet in ~ Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, ~ above December 7, 1941. The attack severely damaged the American fleet and also prevented, at least for the brief term, significant American interference v Japanese military operations. In response, the unified States declared war on Japan. Adhering to Germany"s explanation of battle on the united States, the joined States additionally declared war on Germany..

The joined States Declares War 

Pacific Theater 

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japan accomplished a long collection of army successes. In December 1941, Guam, wake up Island, and Hong Kong fell to the Japanese, adhered to in the an initial half of 1942 by the Philippines, the Dutch eastern Indies (Indonesia), Malaya, Singapore, and Burma. Japanese troops also invaded neutral Thailand and also pressured its leader to declare battle on the United states and good Britain. Only in mid-1942 to be Australian and new Zealander pressures in new Guinea and also British forces in India able to halt the Japanese advance.

The turning point in the Pacific war came v the American naval win in the fight of Midway in June 1942. The Japanese fleet sustained heavy losses and was turned back. In august 1942, American forces assaulted the Japanese in the Solomon Islands, forcing a i have lot of money withdrawal of Japanese pressures from the island of Guadalcanal in February 1943. Allied forces slowly got naval and air supremacy in the Pacific, and moved methodically from island to island, overcoming them and often sustaining far-ranging casualties. The Japanese, however, successfully safeguarded their location on the Chinese mainland until 1945.In October 1944, American forces started retaking the Philippines from Japanese troops, that surrendered in respectable 1945. That exact same year, the unified States military Air forces launched a strategic bombing campaign against Japan. British forces recaptured Burma. In early 1945, American forces suffered heavy losses during the invasions of Iwo Jima (February) and also Okinawa (April), an island that strategic importance off the shore of the Japanese home islands. Despite these casualties and suicidal Japanese air attacks, known as Kamikaze attacks, American forces overcame Okinawa in mid-June 1945.

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Atomic Bomb 

On august 6, 1945, the joined States military Air pressure dropped an atom bomb top top the Japanese city that Hiroshima. Tens of thousands of people died in the early stage explosion, and many an ext died later from radiation exposure. Three days later, the United states dropped a bomb on the Japanese city the Nagasaki. Approximates vary, however at the very least 120,000 civilians passed away as a an outcome of the two blasts. On august 8, the Soviet Union asserted war on Japan and also invaded Japanese-occupied Manchuria.After Japan agreed to surrender on august 14, 1945, American forces started to occupy Japan. Japan officially surrendered to the unified States, great Britain, and the Soviet Union ~ above September 2, 1945.