The aspect present in every organic molecule is A) hydrogen. B) oxygen. C) carbon. D) nitrogen. E) phosphorus.

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The intricacy and range of organic molecule is due to A) the chemical flexibility of carbon atoms. B) the variety of rare elements in essential molecules. C) the truth that they have the right to be synthesized only in life organisms. D) their communication with water. E) their tremendously large sizes.

The experimental approach taken in current biological investigations presumes the A) straightforward organic compounds can be synthesized in the activities from not natural precursors, but complicated organic compounds favor carbohydrates and also proteins deserve to only it is in synthesized by living organisms. B) a life force eventually controls the activities of living organisms and this life pressure cannot be learned by physics or chemical methods. C) although a life force, or vitalism, exist in life organisms, this life force cannot be learned by physics or chemistry methods. D) life organisms are composed the the same aspects present in nonliving things, plus a couple of special trace aspects found just in life organisms or their products. E) living organisms can be interpreted in terms of the very same physical and also chemical legislations that have the right to be provided to explain all natural phenomena.

Differences among organisms are caused by A) large differences in element composition from biology to organism. B) differences in the species and relative amounts of organic molecules synthesized by every organism. C) differences in the facets that bond v carbon in every organism. D) differences in the sizes of the organic molecules in each organism. E) distinctions in inorganic compounds existing in every organism.

Which the the following people was the first to synthesize an essential compound, urea, native inorganic beginning materials? A) Stanley müller B) Jakob Berzelius C) Friedrich Wohler D) Hermann Kolbe E) august Kekulé

Stanley Miller"s 1953 experiments confirmed that A) life arose on planet from an easy inorganic molecules. B) necessary molecules have the right to be synthesized abiotically under problems that may have existed on early Earth. C) life occurred on earth from simple organic molecules, with power from lightning and also volcanoes. D) the conditions on at an early stage Earth to be conducive to the origin of life.E) the conditions on beforehand Earth to be conducive come the abiotic synthesis of essential molecules.

Hermann Kolbe"s synthetic of an essential compound, acetic acid, from inorganic substances that had been prepared straight from pure aspects was a far-ranging milestone for what reason? A) It addressed an industrial shortage of acetic acid. B) It showed that necessary compounds might be synthesized from not natural compounds. C) that disproved the concept of vitalism. D) It confirmed that life originated from basic inorganic chemicals. E) It confirmed that necessary compounds might be synthesized from inorganic compounds and disproved the principle of vitalism.

Stanley Miller"s 1953 experiments assumed that early on Earth"s atmosphere contained A) hydrogen cyanide, formaldehyde, hydrogen gas, and water vapor. B) ammonia, methane, hydrogen gas, and water vapor. C) ammonia, methane, oxygen gas, and water vapor. D) amino acids, methane, hydrogen cyanide, and also water vapor. E) methane, formaldehyde, ammonia, and carbon dioxide.

When Stanley Miller applied heat and electrical sparks come a mixture of straightforward inorganic compound such as methane, hydrogen gas, ammonia, and also water vapor, what compounds to be produced? A) mostly amino mountain B) only basic organic compounds such as formaldehyde and also cyanide C) mainly hydrocarbons D) only basic inorganic link E) both basic organic compounds and more complicated organic compounds such together amino acids and hydrocarbons

How numerous electron pairs does carbon share in stimulate to complete its valence shell? A) 1 B) 2 C) 3 D) 4 E) 8

A carbon atom is most most likely to form what kind of bond(s) with other atoms? A) ionic B) hydrogen C) covalent D) covalent bonds and hydrogen bonds E) ionic bonds, covalent bonds, and hydrogen bonds

Which of the complying with statements ideal describes the carbon atoms present in a seed-eating bird? A) castle were integrated into organic molecules by plants. B) They to be processed into sugars through photosynthesis. C) They are ultimately acquired from carbon dioxide. D) they were incorporated into organic molecules by plants, and also they space ultimately obtained from carbon dioxide. E) they were incorporated into organic molecules by plants, they were processed into sugars with photosynthesis, and they room ultimately obtained from carbon dioxide.

Which the the following statements finest describes the carbon atoms current in a seed-eating bird? A) inorganic carbon atoms in the seed were incorporated into organic molecule by the bird. B) The carbon atoms at some point came indigenous the soil. C) The carbon atoms are ultimately obtained from coal. D) The carbon atoms ultimately came from carbon dioxide incorporated into sugars with photosynthesis. E) The carbon atoms eventually came from an easy organic compounds that created abiotically from inorganic carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and also nitrogen atoms.

Why room hydrocarbons insoluble in water? A) The majority of your bonds are polar covalent carbon-to-hydrogen linkages. B) The majority of your bonds room nonpolar covalent carbon-to-hydrogen linkages. C) They space hydrophilic. D) castle exhibit substantial molecular complexity and also diversity. E) They room lighter 보다 water.

How many structural isomers are possible for a substance having actually the molecular formula C₄H₁₀? A) 1 B) 2 C) 4 D) 3 E) 11

Which that the following statements correctly describes cis-trans isomers? A) They have variations in arrangement roughly a double bond. B) They have actually an asymmetric carbon that renders them mirror images. C) They have the same chemical properties. D) they have different molecular formulas. E) your atoms and bonds room arranged in various sequences.

Research shows that ibuprofen, a drug used to relax inflammation and pain, is a mixture of 2 enantiomers; the is, molecules the A) have actually identical chemistry formulas but differ in the branching of their carbon skeletons. B) room mirror pictures of one another. C) exist in either linear chain or ring forms. D) differ in the place of their twin bonds. E) different in the plan of atoms approximately their twin bonds.

What determines even if it is a carbon atom"s covalent bond to other atoms room in a tetrahedral construction or a planar configuration? A) the existence or lack of bonds through oxygen atoms B) the visibility or absence of double bonds between the carbon atom and other atoms C) the polarity that the covalent bonds between carbon and also other atoms D) the visibility or lack of bonds with nitrogen atom E) the solvent the the organic molecule is dissolved in

Compared come a hydrocarbon chain wherein all the carbon atoms are attached by solitary bonds, a hydrocarbon chain v the same variety of carbon atoms, however with one or more dual bonds, will A) be more flexible in structure. B) be much more constrained in structure. C) be more polar. D) have much more hydrogen atoms. E) have fewer structurally distinctive isomers.

Organic molecules with only hydrogens and five carbon atoms have the right to have different structures in every one of the following ways except A) through branching that the carbon skeleton. B) by differing the number of twin bonds in between carbon atoms. C) by differing the place of twin bonds in between carbon atoms. D) by developing a ring. E) by forming enantiomers.

A compound has hydroxyl teams as the predominant practical group. Which of the adhering to statements is true worrying this compound? A) that lacks an asymmetric carbon, and also it is more than likely a fat or lipid. B) It must dissolve in water. C) It have to dissolve in a nonpolar solvent. D) it won"t form hydrogen bonds with water. E) the is hydrophobic.

Which that the complying with is a false statement worrying amino groups? A) lock are simple in pH. B) they are uncovered in amino acids. C) lock contain nitrogen. D) They are nonpolar. E) castle are contents of urea.

Which two functional groups are always found in amino acids? A) ketone and methyl B) carbonyl and also amino C) carboxyl and amino D) amino and also sulfhydryl E) hydroxyl and carboxyl

Amino acids room acids since they constantly possess which functional group? A) amino B) carbonyl C) carboxyl D) phosphate E) hydroxyl

A carbon skeleton is covalently bonded to both an amino group and a carboxyl group. When inserted in water it A) would function only together an acid due to the fact that of the carboxyl group. B) would function only as a base due to the fact that of the amino group. C) would role as no an acid nor a base. D) would function as both one acid and also a base. E) is impossible to determine just how it would function.

Which functional groups can act as acids? A) amino and sulfhydryl B) carbonyl and also carboxyl C) carboxyl and also phosphate D) hydroxyl and aldehyde E) ketone and amino

Testosterone and also estradiol room A) dissolve in water. B) structural isomers of each other. C) proteins. D) lipids. E) enantiomers of every other.

Testosterone and also estradiol space male and also female sex hormones, respectively, in plenty of vertebrates. In what way(s) do these molecules different from each other? A) Testosterone and estradiol room structural isomers however have the very same molecular formula. B) Testosterone and estradiol are cis-trans isomers but have the same molecular formula. C) Testosterone and also estradiol have various functional groups attached to the exact same carbon skeleton. D) Testosterone and estradiol have distinctly various chemical structures, v one including 4 fused rings of carbon atoms, while the other has three rings. E) Testosterone and estradiol space enantiomers that the exact same organic molecule.


Which that the following civilization used this apparatus to study the formation of necessary compounds? A) Stanley miller B) Jakob Berzelius C) Friedrich Wohler D) Hermann Kolbe E) respectable Kekulé


The 2 molecules displayed in the figure over are finest described together A) optical isomers. B) enantiomers. C) structural isomers. D) cis-trans isomers. E) chain size isomers.

The figure over shows the frameworks of glucose and fructose. These two molecules different in the A) variety of carbon, hydrogen, and also oxygen atoms. B) varieties of carbon, hydrogen, and also oxygen atoms. C) arrangement of carbon, hydrogen, and also oxygen atoms. D) number of oxygen atoms joined come carbon atom by double covalent bonds. E) number of carbon, hydrogen, and also oxygen atoms; the types of carbon, hydrogen, and also oxygen atoms; and also the setup of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms.

The figure above shows the structures of glucose and fructose. These 2 molecules are A) geometric isotopes. B) enantiomers. C) cis-trans isomers. D) structural isomers. E) nonisotopic isomers.


The 2 molecules shown in the figure above are best described together A) enantiomers. B) radiation isotopes. C) structure isomers. D) nonisotopic isomers. E) cis-trans isomers.

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Three or four of the following illustrations depict various structural isomers of the essential compound v molecular formula C₆H₁₄. For clarity, just the carbon skeletons room shown; hydrogen atom that would be attached come the carbons have been omitted. I m sorry one, if any, is not a structure isomer the this compound?

Which the the bag of molecular structures shown below depict enantiomers (enantiomeric forms) the the very same molecule?

Which of the bag of molecular frameworks shown listed below do no depict enantiomers (enantiomeric forms) the the very same molecule?

Which pair of molecule shown listed below are no enantiomers that a single molecule?


Thalidomide and also L-dopa, presented below, are instances of pharmaceutical drugs that happen as enantiomers, or molecules the A) have actually identical three-dimensional shapes. B) space mirror photos of one another. C) space structural isomers. D) are mirror pictures of one another and have the same organic activity. E) space cis-trans isomers.


What is the name of the practical group shown in the number above? A) carbonyl B) ketone C) aldehyde D) carboxyl E) hydroxyl

Which that the structures illustrated over is an impossible covalently external inspection molecule? A) A B) B C) C D) D E) E

Which the the frameworks illustrated above contain(s) a carbonyl practical group? A) A B) C and D C) C D) D E) C and E

In i beg your pardon of the frameworks illustrated above are the atom bonded by ionic bonds? A) A B) B C) C D) C, D, and also E just E) none of the structures

Which that the frameworks illustrated above cannot kind hydrogen bonds through water molecules? A) A B) B C) C D) D E) E