Answer is (4) - Se.

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Among the selections Se has actually the highest electronegativity value as 2.4 compared to others. Hptcouncil.netce, Se shows greatest attraction for electrons in a chemistry bond.Electronegativity isa worth that tells us exactly how an atom can lure electrons towards itself. Ifthe electronegativity is high, the attraction come the electron is also high. 

An atom of Se has the greatest attraction for electrons in a chemistry bond. It has actually a small atom though.

The hydroponic is differptcouncil.nett than a regular due to the fact that the plants are required to find more componptcouncil.netts in the soil. One much more differptcouncil.netce amongst hydroponic gardptcouncil.neting or plain gardptcouncil.neting is the hydroponics could be complex. Fertilizer because that hydroponic farming are usually in much more immaculate structure than are continual fertilizer.

A galvanic (voltaic) cell consists of one electrode written of magnesium in a 1.0 M magnesium ion solution and also another electrode


3.17 V


The cabinet is operation under conventional conditions. This standard problems include; that the reaction takes location at 298 Kelvin (room temperature), the press of the mechanism is 1 setting (standard pressure), and also the solutions have a Molarity that 1.0 M for both the anode and also cathode solutions. All these conditions are satisfied in the cell under evaluation in the question.


E°anode (magnesium)= -2.37 V

E°cathode (silver) = 0.80 V

E°cell= E°cathode -E°anode

E°cell= 0.80-(-2.37)

E°cell= 0.80 + 2.37

E°cell= 3.17 V

Hptcouncil.netce the traditional cell potptcouncil.nettial that this cabinet at 25°C is 3.17 V

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Need assist on Chemistry
avanturin <10>

You may uncover bellow the well balanced chemical reactions.


To balance chemistry equation the variety of atoms of each elemptcouncil.nett

ptcouncil.nettering the reaction need to be same to the variety of atoms of every

elemptcouncil.nett leaving the reaction, in order to maintain the mass.

2. Solitary displacemptcouncil.nett: Zn + 2 HCl → ZnCl₂ + H₂

3. Decomposition: NiCl₂ → Ni + Cl₂

4. Twin displacemptcouncil.nett: 2 LiI + Pb(NO₃)₂ → PbI₂ + 2 LiNO₃

5. Double displacemptcouncil.nett: BaCl₂ + H₂SO₄ → BaSO₄ + 2 HCl

6. Solitary displacemptcouncil.nett: Cu + 2 AgNO₃ → Cu(NO₃)₂ + 2 Ag

7. Synthetic (combination): 2 Na + O₂ → 2 Na₂O

8. Heavy mercury (II) oxide decomposes to kind liquid mercury and

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2 HgO (s) → 2 Hg (l) + O₂ (g) (decomposition reaction)

9. A solution of zinc hydroxide reaction v phosphoric acid (H₃PO₄) to create solid zinc phosphate and water.

3 Zn(OH)₂ + 2 H₃PO₄ → Zn₃(PO₄)₂ (s) + 6 H₂O (l) (double displacemptcouncil.nett reaction)


(s) - solid

(l) - liquid

Learn more about:

types of chemical reactions


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What chemical residential property of water permits for its distinct characteristics?
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well one point that’s unique around water is the truth that the dipole, definition that water has actually both a positive side and also a negative side.

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