I have recently upgraded to windows 10 and since then cannot sync my iphone 5S. Every time once i tried to sync i will get error 0xE8000065. I examine ptcouncil.net forums for this and also did every point what i can but, none solved my problem. Might anyone that you assist me out through this issue.

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Thank you


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Hello there, kranthi.

It seems you"re receiving the article "iTunes can not attach to this because an unknown error occurred (0xE8000065)" when syncing your iPhone 5s. The following Knowledge Base article offers up some great, comprehensive steps for troubleshooting this error:

iOS: Unknown error containing ‘0xE‘ when connecting to a home windows PC

The complying with steps may resolve the issue.

Note: If you use a Mac and see this symptoms, follow this article.

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Restart her computer. Verify the your computer meets the minimum system requirements. IOS tools require the complying with minimum variation of Windows: windows XP business Pack 3 windows Vista home windows 7 home windows 8 Download and install any obtainable software updates indigenous Microsoft. Connect the device directly to her computer; no to an outside USB hub. Examine that the Dock Connector or Lightning Connector top top both the machine and cable space clean of any lint or various other debris. If possible, connect your machine using a various ptcouncil.net 30-pin come USB cable or apologize Lightning Connector to USB cable. Disconnect various other USB peripherals from your computer, v the exception of her keyboard and mouse. ~ disconnecting this peripherals, restart your computer, connect your device, and open iTunes. Affix your device to a different USB port on her computer. Usage the task Manager to prevent some apologize Services: start the task Manager: For home windows XP: press

Control + alt + delete

top top the keyboard. For windows Vista, home windows 7 and Windows 8: push

Control + alt + delete

~ above the keyboard. Then click "Start task Manager". If Windows requirements your permission come continue, click "Continue". Click the procedures tab the the task Manager. End each of these three procedures by clicking in your names and choosing "End Process": iTunesHelper.exe ptcouncil.netMobileDeviceService.exe iPodService.exe After finishing these processes, reboot her computer, open iTunes, and test. attach your an equipment to a different computer system to recognize whether the worry is specific to your computer.

If the problem occurs on just one computer

determine if the concern affects a certain Windows user account or every accounts. Follow the steps below to create a new user account relying on your operating system: If the problem persists in more than one user, uninstall and also reinstall iTunes.

If you have actually trouble if uninstalling or reinstalling iTunes, follow the procedures in this article.

Disabling Power administration of her USB root hubs might work about or settle the issue.

If the problem occurs on many computers

Make sure you have actually tried a different, known-good, to apologize 30-pin come USB cable or apologize Lightning Connector to USB cable. If the computers on i beg your pardon you have actually tested your machine are native the same brand and were maybe purchased at the exact same time, that is feasible that the reason of the issue is still computer specific. This could be the situation if you experiment multiple computers in a business environment. check with the manufacturer that your computer or the system administrator that your company for any obtainable USB chipset driver updates. In some cases it may be crucial to gain back the device, especially if the worry occurs on an ext than one computer system and all of the above steps have actually been performed. Restoring the device will erase all data from it. If your maker has an internet connection, you might use email to send yourself your pictures, notes, and other data you may need to earlier up before you do a restore.