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If you run about your town at 8 o clock more than likely by changing the time yet eventually you will see a random text box. Once it is excellent you just walk about the area you to be in and then a ghost will appear. That is wisp and also he will certainly ask friend to uncover his empty lamp. When you discover it or if you have actually it talk to that again and also he will say the will grant one wish the end of three selections for a wish. But you should go to your attic. Now below is the tricky part. Pick wisely. Depending on your video game he will offer a various option for one of them. I think girlfriend should pick weeds or furniture. Expect it helped!!!!

I"m having actually the same trouble I have the north lamp and also I watched the ghost and also I checked out go get the lamp and also now i can"t uncover the ghost any type of where

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