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CategoriesNooks and cranniesYesteryearSemantic enigmasThe body beautifulRed tape, white liesSpeculative scienceThis sceptred isleRoot of all evilEthical conundrumsThis sporting lifeStage and also screenBirds and the bees BIRDS and also THE BEESCan animals be right-handed or left-handed?Gali, Givatayim Israel absolutely pet cats and also dogs have the right to be right or left pawed. In my suffer there room equal amounts of right and also left pawed cats and also dogs, escape which was the very first paw the animal used after ~ birth. But others have declared a preponderance that left pawed cats. Ns don"t think any serious clinical study has ever before been done. Susan Deal, Sheffield UK supposedly all polar bears space left handed. Castle sneak up on food by spanning their nose v their appropriate paw (their nose being black and therefore showing up against the snowy white background), then club it mercilessly through their left paw. Dan Whaley, Amsterdam Netherlands Japanese scientist noticed the when chimpanzees used rocks to break open up nuts they would certainly either constantly use your left or best hand. So chimps may additionally be left or appropriate handed. Iain, Glasgow UK Don"t know around left or best handed, yet many steeds prefer come lead with one leg when cantering top top corners, they therefore only want to canter either to the left or right! Sharron Ritchie, Edinburgh Scotland yes they deserve to - however in either instance they have actually paw handwriting. Jeffrey C Vagg, UK Some types of crabs can be argued to be naturally left handed because the pincer on the side of your body is bigger and also stronger than the one the right. Kris Owen, Leeds UK i don"t know about all pets but it"s a well known fact that all polar bears are left handed. Keith Wood, Perth Australia basic answer is yes.Complicated answer is that animals often show a choice for using one paw than the other, but unlike humans this is evenly divided in between the left and the right. Paul, Seattle united state Yes, they can. During a recent stay at facility Parcs us were presented an acorn that had actually been stripped by a "southpawed" squirrel. The guide defined that you can tell whether the squirrel was appropriate or left pawed through the direction in which the acorn had been stripped, i beg your pardon related back to i beg your pardon paw it had actually been hosted in. Young name Alster, Peterborough UK Yes, castle can.You can tell if a squirrel is left or ideal handed through the spiral that it leaves on an consumed fir cone.It hold the cone in its leading paw to eat it.This I discovered out top top a nature trail in Elveden forest. Martin Alster, Peterborough Yes. David Attenborough"s Life that Mammals presented recently in the UK top top BBC1 clearly showed in its last episode the orangutans have the right to be left or right-handed. One to be seen using a hand-saw and also a hammer (!) and constantly used its left hand. Spyder Webb, Liverpool, England i did hear of a polar bear that might have had a best paw preference. Once hunting, it would cover that nose v its left paw and raise that is right, come to be flustered and also begin come switch, bonk chin painfully in the nose, and usually shed its prey. It probably didn"t survive, lending credence to the concept of organic selection. Part polar bear were also observed come squinch their eyes nearly closed, making themselves also less conspicuous. Susan Cho, Baltimore, MD US include your answer

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