Edge was indeed one of the finest heels in WWE history and never ever backed down from a story. However, there was one time when even the “Rated-R Superstar” felt uncomfortable working a now well known storyline.

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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – JUNE 15: leaf (R) bring away on Batista during the WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Don Arnold/WireImage)

Edge to be a special guest top top “The kurt Angle Show” where they disputed everything wrestling and also more. In ~ a particular point, leaf admitted that he did not feel an extremely comfortable v the storyline feud through Matt Hardy and Lita. He said,

“I think when whatever with Matt and , i didn’t enjoy any kind of of that, the was hard. It was a place that I placed myself in and also thought okay, ns made mine bed, ns just obtained to deal with this. Climate I believed okay, we’re below now, how have the right to we traction a positive? let’s make some money.”

“That’s what us did, this is the situation, currently let’s try and obtain something an excellent out of this pretty lousy scenario… The matches were though due to the fact that I loved working Matt.” 

For context, WWE room Of Famer Lita to be Matt Hardy’s girl friend in real life, and she cheated ~ above him with Edge. WWE capitalized top top the opportunity and also made it right into a storyline ago in 2005. A lot of fans still argue that it shouldn’t have actually been combined into WWE. The storyline obscured the divisions between real life and kayfabe.

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Does Edge tho have an ext left?

‘The Rated-R Superstar’ last dealt with with the ‘Tribal Chief‘ in a losing initiative for the WWE universal Championship. Both guys had challenged each other previously this year in ~ WrestleMania 37, however it was a triple risk match. However, their enhance on Money in the bank PPV was the first time they faced each various other one-on-one.

The pan loved every solitary bit of it and also went back home extremely satisfied once the one and only john Cena confirmed up.

The key event enhance was booked perfectly, Seth Rollins price edge the universal championship and they brawled ~ the match.

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John Cena came out and also confronted roman reigns and the reaction to be insane!!.

Great ending to money in the bank. #MITB

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Aditya Pran Mahanta is a WWE and also AEW writer for ptcouncil.net, who iscurrently follow his Bachelor of art degree. Gift a sporting activities fanatic, that hasplayed at the state level badminton in his younger years however his love for WWEovertook all other passions. Being a decade-long rings fan, the relishes theolder wrestlers and also wishes the the more recent generation had the exact same Edge. The is apassionate pan of Rey Mysterio for his high paris style, Edge for being TheUltimate Opportunist, and also Razor Ramon since nobody messes v the poor Guy!

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