In Revenge the the Fallen we concerned know the Optimus is a Prime. However if Megatron is Optimus"s brother, wouldn"t the make the a prime too?

So my concern is usually this, is element some sort of bloodline (ummm, oil-line?) amongst the Transformers, or is the a title?

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Speaking strictly about movie canon...

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Regarding The Primes (per TF wiki):

Eons ago, the AllSpark produced thirteen beings, the first Cybertronians, who had the capacity to move in between dimensions. <...>

According come Jetfire, the empire of Primes was formed by the an initial Thirteen Cybertronians. These beings might not transform, but they and also their transforming progeny possessed powers past that of the median Cybertronian.

But not every Transformer is a "genetic" descendent of the Primes. The Primes were just the thirteen originals created.

They soon realized the the AllSpark"s power, though vast, was not infinite, and required the power of stars to be replenished. When a adjacent star went nova, the AllSpark produced a worker race, the Transformers, that would assist the empire in replenishing the AllSpark.

Sentinel Prime was not one of the original thirteen. He to be a direct descendant.

Sentinel Prime to be a direct descendant of the very first Cybertronian, Primus, and was believed to be the last of the Primes.

In the movie continuity, Optimus Prime to be originally named "Optimus". He and also Megatron operated with Sentinel Prime.

was the humble leader that Cybertron"s science division, which studied the AllSpark, and also were safeguarded by lord High Protector Megatron"s military. <...>

was once brothers-in-arms v Optimus and a student of Sentinel Prime, appointed to be Cybertron"s Protector and commander the its Defense Force.

But there was more to Optimus than meets the eye. Optimus is actually a straight descendant of one of the Primes (Prima, to be specific).

It to be Optimus Prime"s ancestor who finally vanquished the collapse to an additional dimension in the fight for the matrix of Leadership, however his orphaned descendant that was covert away indigenous the Fallen grew up v no expertise of what he was.

Sentinel element told Optimus the his theories around Prime"s lineage.

Though Optimus was also humble come accept, no believing Sentinel"s claims around his heritage, Megatron overheard their conversation and also became jealousy of his "brother." Sentinel formulated an additional plan because that Cybertron"s future: it would certainly be administer by Optimus"s Science division and Megatron"s Defense Force. By having actually Optimus investigate the remains of the Primes" civilization, it would certainly encourage that to believe in his lineage.

Eventually, Optimus find proof that he is a descendant the a Prime. It is then that the other Autobots start addressing him together such, and he becomes well-known as "Optimus Prime".

Back in ~ Burthov, he came upon Ratchet, Arcee, and also Elita-One scanning the piece of the various other artifacts. Arcee then discovered that the piece all had the same symbol top top them, and also that the very same symbol was on Optimus" head. Ratchet declared that the symbol to be proof of the dynasty of Primes, and also it shown Optimus himself was a Prime. Ratchet and the various other Autobots began to dub the "Optimus Prime" Optimus also informed Sentinel of the noting on his head that showed he was ideal all along: he was a element too.

Megatron was no a direct descendant of a Prime. That was jealous of Optimus.

But Megatron resented his comrade, discovering he was a Prime and also therefore Sentinel"s favored son.

Even still, Optimus and Megatron led Cybertron for a time.

For 2 generations, Optimus and also Megatron rule Cybertron together. The two personalities developed a balance; Prime to be fair while Megatron to be firm.

In one of the comics, Barricade division the fourth wall surface and describes that the two are not really "brothers" despite each one concerning the various other as one.

However, in the twelfth issue of Titan"s Revenge that the please comic, "Barricade" notified readers that Megatron and also Optimus weren"t related, the hatchet "brother" to be just due to the fact that they"d known each other for for this reason long.

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Putting this all together, we"ve painted the snapshot that Optimus and Megatron were when close allies. They operated together under Sentinel to carry peace come Cybertron. While Optimus was a descendant of a Prime, Megatron to be not. Still, from year of friendship and also being allies, they considered each other as "brothers" despite not gift "genetically" related.