Friday morning two anglers caught and killed the caiman that had been life in the Monongahela River. Residents had reported sightings that the animal to the West Virginia department of natural Resources. Caiman are in the same animal family together alligators, yet are frequently smaller.

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photograph BY JULIA OZIEFor the times West Virginian
after reports from inhabitants that one alligator might be in the Monongahela River, the West Virginia division of organic Resources placed out a call for more information from residents Friday.

Later Friday afternoon, the DNR received info that two fishermen had captured and also killed the reptile previously Friday morning.

The animal, which had actually been seen between Rivesville and also Fairmont, was no in reality an alligator, however is thought to be a caiman.

Caiman are in the same animal family as alligators, and tend come be smaller than alligators, ranging in size from 3 feet come 13 feet lengthy in adulthood.

Caiman strong resemble alligators. They space a mix of brown and also black in color, and are covered in bony plates.

Caiman are frequently found in swamps and tropical rivers in main and south America, though spectacled caimans can likewise be uncovered in southerly Florida.

Spectacled caimans provided to be offered as pet in Florida. However, similar to many exotic pets, owners frequently released them into the wild once they obtained to be too large to handle.

Spectacled caimans deserve to live in both salt and fresh water, and eat insects, crustaceans, mollusks, water snails and also fish. Many weigh between 15 and also 88 lbs, and are in between 4 and 6 feet long.

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