THERMAL EXPANSIONExplanation:IT'S VOLUME tends TO boost DUE TO: thermal EXPANSION"}>" data-test="answer-box-list">

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24.A technique of separating mixtures which entails heating. A Decantation B. Evaporation C. Burning D.sieving​
Can friend think of any electrie appliance whereby the heating effect of the electric current is used? make a list of such appliances​
Activity 2.1 Sci-Art -BlendingI. Materials:• empty flowers• Crayons II. Procedures1. 1 color the flower according to the color asked. 1st flower Red…= RR2ndflower Yellow = YY3rd flower incorporate red and yellow RY1.2 review the provided problem:In number 3, RR is the allele because that a red shade flower and YY is allele because that yellow color. Two flower plants were crossed.Show the feasible outcome the the cross in between two flowers plants by utilizing the Punnett square.​
White HM if the mixture is Homogeneous and HT if the is Heterogeneous1. Concrete 2. Vegetables oil 3. Paint…4. Lemonade 5. Fruit salad 6. Tea7. Detergent8. Vinegar9. Tomato sauce10. Air​
The electron transport chains allows the relax of huge amount that ________ save on computer in reduced_______ and reduced______. The _______ exit is captu…red in the form of _______This chain consist largely of molecule______ embedded in the inside mitochondrial membrane. This step of cellular_____ to produce the greatest number of chemical energies in the type of ATPCHEMICAL ENERGY, ENERGY, NAD+(NADH), PROTEINS, FAD FADH2), RESPIRATORY, ATP​
Am Making my Stand! - Directions: develop a Poster - Slogan that would embody your approach on the instances of Human tasks which have caused mass…ive damage not just to properties however to the setting itself. The slogan should have 10 - 20 words. It have the right to be in either Iloko, Filipino or English. Write a quick explanation that your illustration on a separate item of paper. Criteria will certainly be provided below.Ps: Pakisagot asap!! Magbigay ako ng brainliest answer!! ​

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