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term ~ above the periodic table, _____a_____ go up and also down, and ____b______ go left to right.

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Definition a.) periodsb.) groups
Term moving from left come right throughout a row on the periodic table, i m sorry of the following values boosts by specifically one from facet to element?a.) isotope numberb.) atom numberc.) atom mass unitd.) massive number
Definition b.) atomic number
Term Which list of facets contains just metals?a.) carbon, iodine, tinb.) tin, copper, cesiumc.) helium, iron, copperd.) iodine, carbon, argon
Definition b.) tin, copper, cesium
Term i beg your pardon statement is TRUE around metalloid silicon?a.) Silicon is a far better conductor of electric existing than silver- isb.) Silicon does not conduct electric current under any conditionsc.) Silicon"s ability to conduct electric existing does not vary through temperatured.) Silicon is a far better conductor the electric present than sulfur is
Definition d.) Silicon is a much better conductor of electric existing than sulfur is(becuase silicon is closer come the left side of the regular table than sulfur, which method it has an ext metalic properties.)
Term at room temperature, nobody of the steels are __________a.) softb.) liquidsc.) malleabled.) gases
Definition d.) gasesThe alkali (Group 1) steels are soft at room temperature.Mercury is a fluid at room temperature.Gold and also silver room malleable in ~ room temperature.
Term Which general statement go NOT use to metals?a.) most steels are ductileb.) most metals are simple c.) most metals are brittled.) most steels are good conductors of electric current
Definition C.) Most metals are brittlea. Applies - copper is prized for its ductilityb. Yellow (Au) and silver (ag) are really malleable, i beg your pardon is just how they room made right into ornamentsd. Steels let electrons flow easily since they room usually unbalancedTherefore the answer is C, since it contradicts both A and B unless in the situation of some metals, favor beryllium
Term team 7A that the regular table includes thea.) most reactive nonmetalsb.) most reactive metalsc.) the very least reactive metalsd.) least reactive metals
Definition A.) team 7a that the periodic table has the many REACTIVE NONmetals
Term Two very reactive elements in duration 2 space the metal and lithium and also the a.) metalloid arsenicb.) nonmetal seleniumc.) nonmetal flourided.) nonmetal krypton
Definition c.) flourine
Term atoms of the most REACTIVE aspects tend to have actually ___ OR ___ valence electrons.

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Definition One or Seven
Term as you move from left come right across a period, the number of valence electronsa.) increasesb.) remains the samec.) increases and also then decreasesd.) decreases
Definition a.) increases
Term What does group 6A aspects have contrasted to group 2A?
Definition More atom in the ground state. < What space the aspects in teams 2A called? Alkali planet Metals
Term If a member the the boron family members has 3 valence electrons, how numerous should a member of the nitrogen household have?
Definition 5
Term which statement is no true around the elements flourine, chlorine, and iodine?a.) They space all hallogens b.) lock react conveniently with steels c.) lock are similar to noble gassesd.) They are all nonmetals
Definition c.) it is no true the those elements are comparable to noble gasses... Due to the fact that those elements are halogens, they room in group 7 and also have 7 valence electrons. In contrast, Noble gasses have 8 valence electrons, and low reactionits not a bc they are all hallogens bc they are all in (group 7)
Term which of the complying with Group 1A aspects is the many reactive?a.) Cs (Cesium)b.) Li (Lithium)c.) K (Potassium) d.) Na (Sodium)
Definition a.) Cs (Cesium) is the many reactive since it is the farthest under on the periodic table,and since it is in metals, reactivity boosts the more down it is on the regular table.
Term i beg your pardon of the complying with group 7A aspects is the most reactive?a.) Cl (chlorine)b.) ns (Iodine)c.) F (flourine)d.) Br (bromine)
Definition c.) flourine... Bc the is the furthest up on the regular table.. Which in nonmetals, shows the hightest level of reactivity
Term i m sorry of the adhering to gases emit colors as soon as an electric current is applied?a.) hydrogen and heliumb.) argon one kryptonc.) flourine and chlorined.) oxygen and also nitrogen
Definition B.) argon and also krypton emit colors when electric current is applied.They are nobles gases (group 8) i m sorry is the same as neon
Term The tendency of an element to react is carefully related toa.) its atomic massb.) attractions betweem that is atomsc.) the number of valence electrons in the atom of an elementd.) the nration of proton to neautrons that the element
Definition c.) the variety of valence electrons in atoms of the element.. very closely related to the tendancy the an aspect to react
Term Which