The Honda public is everything a compact vehicle should be—practical, fuel efficient, and also comfortable to drive.

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Is it durable as well? Let’s find out in this write-up where we talk about the longevity the the Honda Civic.


How lengthy do Honda Civics last? The Honda civic is a durable automobile that have the right to last for around 20 years, through responsible use and also maintenance. This method you can get about 200,000 to 300,000 miles of service from your Honda Civic prior to it breaks down completely.

How plenty of Miles have the right to You expect from a Honda Civic?

Honda Civics are popular for one reason: they last long.

Regardless of exactly how much daily abuse the takes, the median Honda civic will host up well. As such, it is usual to see countless high-mileage Civics quiet in peak condition.

Based top top reports the owners, you deserve to expect your Honda civic to deliver up to 300,000 mile of service, or more. Also though 300k mile sounds impossible, but with the dependability of the Civic, it’s simpler than friend think.

All you need to do is business your automobile regularly and it will continue to be in a good state.

Also, ideal use is vital to obtaining your Honda civic past the 300,000-mile milestone.

If you journey your car aggressively, your automobile will probably have actually a shorter lifespan. Friend may get thrills from pushing your vehicle to the extreme, yet it will cause the disappointed of a reduce lifespan.

How Soon should You mean Rust on A Honda Civic?

According to owners of the Honda Civic, rust often shows up on the design after one to three years.

As we found out, living near the coast or life in the Rust Belt placed your public at a higher risk that rust.

Coast-side, your vehicle is exposed to braided sea waiting that have the right to deposit corrosive particles on your car.

In the Rust Belt, city officials pour salt and other snow-breaking chemistry on the road. These salts and chemicals are very corrosive and inevitably lead to rust ~ above vehicles, consisting of the Honda Civic.

One recurrent rust-related complaints we discovered for Honda Civics is rusting along the joint between the behind bumper and also rear 4 minutes 1 panels on both sides.

Older Civics offered to rust approximately the rear wheel areas, too. This trouble resulted indigenous a defect the exposed the behind wheel fine to the elements.

On most vehicles, the rear wheel wells function solid plastic lining the covers the entire component.

But the older Civics didn’t have actually this; they had actually a half-lining instead. This left one component of the behind wheel well—the behind part—exposed to roadway salt and moisture.

Inevitably, corrosion regularly sets in, increasing rust on those cars. Other areas that deserve to rust on your Honda Civics incorporate the exhaust system.

Particularly, if friend live in the Rust Belt, this may impact your car. The salt on roads in those areas corrodes the underside that cars driven over them.

The issue is so negative that some owners report obtaining rusted exhausts after just one year that ownership.

Typically, some anti-rust protection will carry out a an excellent deal to prevent rust-outs on her Honda Civic, especially if friend live in the Rust Belt.

You may likewise want to stop older Honda public models, as they face more rust problems than newer ones.

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How lengthy Do Honda public Last compared to similar Car Models?

We know the Honda civic can last a long time, if preserved regularly. However, let’s to compare its longevity to that of rivals in the compact car segment.

Honda civic vs. Toyota Corolla

The Honda Civic and also Toyota Corolla have been locked in a race for bestselling compact vehicle in the united state for years.

This is since both models sell the very same features—fuel efficiency, utility, comfort—that very nice to countless Americans.

Both models have an average service life that 300,000 miles, i m sorry is far better than most compact cars.

Maintenance expenses are similar on both models; girlfriend will invest $362 every year on the Honda Civic and $368 yearly top top the Toyota Corolla.

The Corolla and the public have comparable reliability documents as well, placing 1st and third respectively ~ above RepairPal’s compact car reliability rankings.

As there’s really no difference between both models, your selection will rely on what type of vehicle you want.

If you want a an easy sedan that will certainly take girlfriend from point A to suggest B with minimal fuss, the Toyota Corolla is perfect.

For lover of variety, stylish interiors and also performance, the Honda public is a far better option.

Honda civic vs. Hyundai Elantra

The Hyundai Elantra, back a sturdy model, has a shorter lifespan compared to the Honda Civic.

You will get around 250,000 mile from the Hyundai Elantra, with frequent servicing.

Proper maintenance will net you, in ~ least, 300,000 miles on her Honda Civic. This translates to a distinction of around 3 year in expectancy of both models.

Honda civic vs. Ford Focus

If you desire a auto that will last, we would certainly advise choose the Honda civic over the Ford Focus.

While the public can clock 300,000 mile or more, the highest possible mileage friend can gain on the Ford emphasis is 250,000 miles.

Moreover, the Honda civic has a much better reliability record and the an ext reasonable servicing prices of the two models.

RepairPal ranking it the 3rd most reliable compact car and also estimates that you will invest (averagely) $368 on maintain annually.

In contrast, the Ford focus is a distant 27th in the compact car reliability rankings and also comes with a $569 yearly service bill.

Honda civic vs. Chevrolet Cruze

In terms of longevity, the Honda Civic clearly wins out against the Chevrolet Cruze.

Most Cruze models deserve to only carry out stress-free company for about 200,000 miles. This is 100,000 mile lesser 보다 what you’ll obtain on a Honda public (300k miles).

The Honda Civic additionally has far better reliability compared with the Chevy Cruze, earning a 4.5 for reliability versus the latter’s 4.0 score.

Moreover, the public will go less complicated on your wallet 보다 the Cruze: that costs about $84 lesser to keep yearly.

Please also read our article on exactly how long the Chevrolet Cruze lasts.

How trustworthy Is a Honda Civic?

Based top top anecdotal evidence and also research data, we deserve to say the Honda public is a reputable vehicle.

It is common to view owners that high-mileage Honda Civics putting along with their vehicles there is no issues. Meet any kind of of them and they’ll swear by the dependability of the civic models.

RepairPal, in that compact auto reliability rankings, prices the Honda Civic third most dependable compact car. This feat becomes even an ext impressive once you realize that there space over 36 models in the compact vehicle segment.

The Best and Worst Years because that Honda Civic

According to vehicle Complaints, the worst year because that the Honda civic models is the 2001 version year. The biggest difficulty on the 2001 Honda civic was a faulty transmission.

Some worries reported include:

Recurrent infection failureTransmission can not engageTransmission slips under operationTransmission goes out of gear

On average, owner spent about $2,290 come $2,470 to settle the miscellaneous transmission problems on the 2001 Honda Civic.

The ideal model year because that the Honda public is the 2019 model year. This model received few complaints, prove its reliability.

We would certainly advise purchase a 2019 Honda civic or other design years with minimal difficulties if you ever want to sign up with the ranking of civic owners.

What about Recalls for These Models?

Below space recalls because that the Honda public models, ranked in diminish order:

Note: The Honda civic has confronted 73 recalls since it began production.

2001: 24 recalls2002: 21 recalls2003: 21 recalls1998: 17 recalls1996: 16 recalls2000: 16 recalls1997: 15 recalls1999: 14 recalls1994: 14 recalls2006: 13 recalls1992: 13 recalls1993: 13 recalls2005: 12 recalls2004: 12 recalls1995: 12 recalls1990: 10 recalls1988: 8 recalls1991: 8 recalls1991: 8 recalls2007: 7 recalls2011: 7 recalls2010: 6 recalls1989: 6 recalls2009: 6 recalls2008: 5 recalls2017: 4 recalls1984: 3 recalls1986: 3 recalls1987: 3 recalls2012: 3 recalls2016: 3 recalls2018: 3 recalls1985: 3 recalls2014: 2 recalls2015: 1 recall

Honda public Model Year List

Below are version years because that the Honda Civic due to the fact that 1999:

1999 Honda Civic2000 Honda Civic2001 Honda Civic2002 Honda Civic2003 Honda Civic2004 Honda Civic2005 Honda Civic2006 Honda Civic2007 Honda Civic2008 Honda Civic2009 Honda Civic2010 Honda Civic2011 Honda Civic2012 Honda Civic2013 Honda Civic2014 Honda Civic2015 Honda Civic2016 Honda Civic2017 Honda Civic2018 Honda Civic2019 Honda Civic2020 Honda Civic

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Are Honda civic Expensive come Maintain?

Based on approximates we found, the Honda civic turns the end to be a rather cheap model to maintain.

You will spend an average of $368 in maintenance fees for the Honda every year.

This is among the shortest of any kind of model in the compact vehicle segment and much reduced than the segment median ($526).

How long Do the Brakes Last?

The brakes ~ above the Honda public have an average company life the 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

How long Do the Tires Last?

Subject to maintenance and also pattern that use, the tires top top the Honda civic will last between 30,000 and also 60,000 miles.

How lengthy Do the Transmissions Last?

Owners to speak the infection on a Honda public can last for 120,000 to 180,000 mile or more, with regime maintenance.

How lengthy Do the Spark Plugs Last?

From our research, the 100,000-mile note is a an excellent time to change the spark plugs top top a Honda Civic.

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What about Insurance Cost?

The Honda public costs $1,836 come insure per year. This means you’ll pay around $153 every month.

Tips to prolong the Life of your Honda Civic

Here are means to enhance the longevity of your Honda Civic:

Drive your automobile carefullyRemember to execute scheduled maintain as recommended by the manufacturerAvoid any over-the-top modificationsUse only high-quality spare components on your vehicle