Woj: Ben Simmons intends to never ever play for philadelph again (2:25)Adrian Wojnarowski defines what"s next now the Ben Simmons is refusing to report to 76ers training camp. (2:25)


In a looming standoff that might have lasting ramifications for the NBA, Philadelphia 76ers All-Star forward Ben Simmons will certainly not report because that the opened of maintain camp following week and intends to never play another game because that the franchise, sources told ptcouncil.net ~ above Tuesday.

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Simmons, 25, wants a trade out the Philadelphia and also told management that he has actually no plans come wear an NBA uniform again till he is moved to a brand-new team, resources said.

This is setup up a showdown for a Sixers franchise through championship wishes that will certainly be greatly reduced without Simmons ~ above the floor -- balancing the most likely short-term losses through him sidelined against the long-term goals of gaining a maximum trade return because that Simmons.

Simmons defined his stance to ownership and management in a late August meeting and has had actually no direct call with the organization for weeks, sources said.

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Simmons has four years and $147 million left ~ above his max contract -- including $33 million because that 2021-22 -- and plainly understands the potential financial effects of sit out. The Sixers could test Simmons" willingness to continue to be away through fining him substantial salary.

At Simmons" request, the Sixers have disputed trades transparent the league due to the fact that the finish of the playoffs, however they to be disappointed in the offers and decided to host on to him with really hopes he would start the season and also improve his profession value v his performance.

Sixers president of basketball to work Daryl Morey and also coach Doc Rivers have told Simmons that they desire him in maintain camp and also on the floor to companion with All-NBA center Joel Embiid -- something the Simmons has told them he no much longer wants come do, resources said.

Beyond the league"s collective bargaining agreement, which provides the capacity for the Sixers come withhold salary for a player"s fail to administer services, the Sixers have their own set of rule that include fines for missing media day and also each let go practice. The final resort for the Sixers could be come suspend Simmons for "failing come render services" when preseason games start -- which could expense Simmons $227,613 for each let go game.

Simmons" contract is structured for him to get 50% the his salary before Oct. 1.

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Simmons" negative performance in an eastern Conference semifinals loss come the Atlanta hawks played a duty in this drama playing out, yet Simmons has end up being increasingly frustrated v his partnership through the Sixers over time, resources said.