Whether you space a veteran or a newcomer to the Kingdom hearts franchise, there has actually never to be a much better time to endure this magical journey. V the arrival of Kingdom mind 1.5+2.5 HD ReMIX, Square Enix and also Disney join forces to call the tale of Sora and his girlfriend on a quest to reclaim light to the universe. Throughout the 6 games included in this HD bundle, the player meets countless iconic Disney and Final Fantasy characters amongst many worlds throughout the stars. But this grand journey deserve to only be made possible with the aid of probably the most ridiculous and also yet epic weapon ever wielded by a video clip game character: the Keyblade.

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Throughout the four playable title in the Kingdom mind 1.5+2.5 HD ReMIX collection for the PS4, the player will gather a number of unique Keyblades to loss the darkness. Yes, castle are gigantic key-shaped swords. However somehow, Square Enix manages to pull it off, tailoring each Keyblade’s style to the layout of the Disney or original civilization it comes from.

Here is our peak 10 Keyblades from Kingdom Hearts last Mix:

10.Fairy Harp


Obtained: Seal the Keyhole the Neverland.

Ability: rise Max MP through 1, increases magic and summon power, occasionally deals crucial hits.

Stats: toughness +8, MP +1

Comments: This Keyblade has an excellent base stats yet is substantially less useful due to its low an important hit ratio and also having the shortest reach in the game.

9. Diamond Dust


Obtained: defeat the ice cream Titan in the yellow Cup at Olympus Coliseum. Accessible after win the Hades Cup.

Ability: greatly increases magic and summon power. Raises Max MP through 3.

Stats: strength +3, MP +3

Comments: This Keyblade serves as one of the ideal for players that favour magic style combat.

8. One-Winged Angel


Obtained: defeat Sephiroth in the Platinum Cup at Olympus Coliseum. Easily accessible after sealing the keyhole of hollow Bastion.

Ability: own the strongest an essential hit ratio.

Stats: strength +8, MP -2

Comments: One of the most daunting to obtain and also one that the most aesthetically pleasing. Its with is the greatest in the game, but its strength and also magic stats room beaten by various other Keyblades the are much easier to obtain.

7. Steel Chocobo


Obtained: After defeating Cloud in the Hercules Cup in ~ Olympus Coliseum.

Ability: Possesses significant strength and also reach but reduces Max MP by 1.

Stats: strength +9, MP -1

Comments: A top contender for its strength and also high reach. It deserve to be obtained fairly early in the game.

6. Olympia


Obtained: ~ sealing the keyhole of Olympus Coliseum, open the chest in the arena entrance.

Ability: daunting to deflect and also capable the a wire of crucial blows.

Stats: stamin +10, MP +0

Comments: A clear winner in strength and obtained quite at an early stage in the game. Unfortunately, it has minimal reach.

5. Oathkeeper


Obtained: After return from hole Bastion the an initial time, provided by Kairi in the an enig Waterway the Traverse Town.

Ability: Raises Max MP through 1, improves magic and also summon power whilst qualified of a string of an important blows.

Stats: toughness +9, MP +1

Comments: one of the best-balanced Keyblades in the game.

4. Oblivion


Obtained: After returning to hole Bastion, this Keyblade is gained by opened the chest directly opposite the dark depths at the earlier of the cool Hall.

Ability: Colossal power yet reduces Max MP through 1.

Stats: toughness +11, MP -1

Comments: This is a pan favourite with good reach and also is well worth the reduction in MP.

3. Divine Rose


Obtained: when returning to hollow Bastion, obtained after speak to Belle in the library.

Ability: daunting to deflect and capable of stringing crucial hits.

Stats: toughness +13, MP +0

Comments: one of the most powerful physical Keyblades and also easily obtainable.

2. Lionheart


Obtained: After beating Leon and also Cloud in the Hades Cup in ~ Olympus Coliseum.

Ability: Raises Max MP by 1, boosts magic and summon power and deals an excellent physical damage.

Stats: strength +10, MP +1

Comments: The best-balanced Keyblade after the Ultima Weapon. Its increase in magic and also summon power alongside that is strength renders it second best.

1. Ultima Weapon


Obtained: together the surname implies, the is the can be fried weapon and also usually the final Keyblade of the game. It deserve to only be derived by synthesising at the Moogle shop in Traverse Town. Every 30 items must be synthesised before the cooking recipes is unlocked. It requires: 5 Thunder Gems, 5 mystery Goos, 3 Serenity Powers, 3 Stormy Stones and 3 Dark Matters.

Ability: Raises max MP through 2 and also possesses the greatest attributes.

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Stats: toughness +14, MP +2

Comments: Whilst it may take a long time to gather the vital materials, there is no denying this Keyblade important is the ultimate.