You’re No Keyblade Master. No Without Melding!

Just because you beat the final boss doesn’t make you a understand of the keyblade! have you used Megaflare? No? Windcutter? No? Okay, you’ve probably gotten Curaga, however how around Triple Firaga?

Nope, you ain’t no grasp of noþeles yet.

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So, I want to preface this Kingdom Hearts bear by Sleep Melding overview with a few important points. The very first is to explain what is the command melding role in Kingdom Hearts: bear by Sleep, and what provides it different from the timeless item synthetic system.


While I will not do a perform of all the recipes and commands in this certain guide, ns will help you out a small bit an ext for the player the wishes come play the game without law as lot exploring. Below is a list of places for crystals, essential for melding commands. I have made three columns, the left reflecting the form of crystal, the center showing the civilization in which that is located and the right mirroring the biology which drops the crystal.

AboundingOlympus ColiseumAxe Flapper
AboundingRadiant GardenMandrake
ChaosRadiant GardenArchraven
FleetingCastle of DreamsShoegazer
FleetingDeep SpaceSonic Blaster
FleetingEnchanted DominionThornbite
FleetingRadiant GardenChrono Twister
HungryCastle that DreamsHareraiser
HungryDeep SpaceVile Phail
HungryDwarf WoodlandsMonotrucker
HungryEnchanted DominionBruiser
PulsingEnchanted DominionBruiser
PulsingNever LandWild Bruiser
PulsingOlympus ColiseumBuckle Bruiser
PulsingRadiant GardenTank Toppler
ShimmeringDeep SpaceBlobmob
ShimmeringDwarf WoodlandsSpiderchest
ShimmeringEnchanted DominionRed hot Chili
ShimmeringNever LandYellow Mustard
ShimmeringRadiant GardenSea Salt
SoothingCastle of DreamsFlood
SoothingDeep SpaceJellyshade
WellspringEnchanted DominionScrapper
WellspringNever LandTriple Wrecker

Have you chose on what room your finest Deck Commands? re-superstructure them v us, we’d love come hear every the different ways of playing in KH: birth by Sleep!


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