i"ve replaced brake light bumper switch, hazard and tail light relay and tail light switch but still didn"t fix my problem. Have to take the fuse out to keep from battery draining. Is it an electrical issue? and how do i fix it


You should list the body style, things can be different depending on body style.

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On some Hondas there will be a brake light failure sensor somewhere in the back of the car either in the trunk or behind a light. Looking at a wiring diagram there seems to be one behind the left tail light on your Accord.

With the fuse installed test for power on the green-white wire (input voltage). If power exists and the brake switch is in the open position/pedal not depressed. Than it may likely be a fault in the multiplex unit/fuse box.


One likely cause for the brake lights staying on is a brake pedal switch that remains in the closed position, which keeps the brake lights on.

This switch is situated next to the brake pedal and if the brake pedal doesn"t make contact with the switch, the switch stays closed, which keeps the lights on.

One would need to refer to a wiring diagram to confirm whether this also explains why the tail lights stay on.


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