Study for your upcoming driver"s license test or learner"s allow exam through the Florida Driver Handbook.

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7. Car Equipment

The tools on your vehicle must meet details standards. This are detailed below.

7.1.1 - Brakes

Your automobile must have two braking systems. Each must be able to stop the auto alone. The parking or emergency brake need to be solid enough to hold the vehicle on any hill. Your brakes must be able to stop your vehicle within the distance presented on the chart.

7.1.2 - Braking Distance


Perception street is how far your automobile travels, in right conditions; from the moment your eyes check out a danger until your mind recognizes it. Store in mind details mental and physical conditions can affect your late distance. It have the right to be affected greatly depending upon visibility and also the hazard itself. The average perception time because that an alert driver is 3?4 2nd to 1 second.

Reaction street is how much you will proceed to travel, in ideal conditions; before you physically hit the brakes, in response to a peril seen ahead. The median driver has actually a reaction time that 3?4 second to 1 second. At 50 mph this accounts for 55 feet traveled.

Braking street is how far your car will travel, in appropriate conditions; while you space braking. In ~ 50 mph on dry pavement with great brakes, it deserve to take about 158 feet.

Total avoiding distance is the total minimum distance your automobile has traveled, in right conditions; with every little thing considered, consisting of perception distance, reaction distance and also braking distance, until you can carry your car to a complete stop. At 50 mph, your vehicle will take trip a minimum that 268 feet.

The quicker you drive the higher the affect or striking strength of your vehicle. As soon as you dual your rate from 20 come 40 mph the affect is 4 time greater. The braking distance is also 4 time longer. Triple the speed from 20 come 60 mph and the impact and braking street is 9 time greater. In ~ 60 mph, your avoiding distance is higher than the of a football field. Boost the rate to 80 mph and also the influence and braking distance room 16 times higher than in ~ 20 mph. High speeds considerably increase the severity of crashes and stopping distances. By slowly down, you have the right to reduce braking distance.

You have to stay alert while driving to have the ability to stop while giving other chauffeurs time to sluggish down. Avoiding suddenly is dangerous and also usually way you room not paying attention to the traffic flow or complying with others as well closely. Sudden slow downs do it harder for motorists behind your automobile to prevent without bring about a collision.

If relocating to the curb to protect against your vehicle, check mirrors for traffic to the rear, inspect over your shoulder and also signal intention. Relax accelerator to enable vehicle come slow, pivot her foot come the brake pedal and press brake pedal with steady pressure for a smooth stop, relocate to within 12 customs of the curb. If preventing at a protect against sign or web traffic signal light, protect against behind the protect against line or crosswalk as appropriate.

If you have a vehicle with hand-operated transmission, constantly slow down using the brake pedal first before pushing down the clutch. Brake come a smooth avoid then shift into very first or the ideal gear when stopped.

7.1.3 - Steering lock Operation

Vehicles have actually various systems offered to remove the secrets from the ignition. Below are some typical steering wheel lock systems and also a description of exactly how to remove the key:

The "Transmission Park" SystemShift the transmission right into the "park" position. Turn the key to LOCK and remove.

The "Two Hand Button" SystemThis system requires 2 hands. Boring button below the steering column. Turn crucial to the LOCK and also remove.

The "Lever" SystemDepress bar located near the ignition. Turn key to LOCK and remove.

The "One Hand Button" SystemDepress button located close to the ignition. Turn key to LOCK and also remove.

The "Push In" SystemTurn vital OFF, press in. Turn crucial to LOCK and remove.

The "Turn and Remove" SystemTurn an essential to LOCK and remove.

7.1.4 Lights

Your car must have the following lights:

Bright (high-beam) headlights which show objects 450 feet ahead.Dimmed (low-beam) headlights which present objects 150 feet ahead.Two red taillights placed on the rear, clearly shows from 1,000 feet.A white light that provides the license plate visible from 50 feet (The plate should be maintained clean).Two red stoplights. They must be watched from 300 feet in the daytime, and also must come on as soon as the foot brake is pressed.

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All vehicles, including animal-drawn vehicles, must have at least one white irradiate visible indigenous a distance of not less than 1,000 feet come the front. Lock must also have two red lamp visible native a distance of not less than 1,000 feet to the rear, or one red irradiate visible come the rear for a street of 1,000 feet and also two red reflectors clearly shows from all distances from 600 feet to 1,000 feet.