It doesn't matter what your service does—time is your most valuable resource. You have to make certain you're spending the time wisely, and also the calendar is her budget. That's why it's so necessary you find the finest calendar app for the job.

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We considered and also tested several dozen calendar apps, to uncover the finest options. Here's what us found. Click on any app come learn much more about why we decided it, or keep reading for more context ~ above what renders a an excellent calendar app.

The finest calendar apps

What provides a an excellent calendar app?

Calendars, the course, display you her schedule. Every calendar application manages that; the finest calendars, however, aren't just functional. They provide you clarity about how you invest your time, and a couple of rare find are also a delight to use.

In trying to find the ideal calendar apps, we taken into consideration apps that have actually the complying with characteristics:

Easy come use. Calendar apps are straightforward to use as soon as they require minimal clicking and also menu exploration. They need to be intuitive and also not require a most tending.

Designed v intention. Does the calendar application do what it states it's going come do? and does it perform it well? all calendars will display you when your next appointment is, yet does it meet its assures for more?

Packed with features and also customizable. If you're a severe scheduler, strength features, such as customizable views and also integrations, will aid you acquire the many out of your calendar. For those apps that aren't heavy on features, we sought customization options that make the app adjust to her style.

Simple to share. You most likely don't work alone—and neither need to your calendar. The finest apps permit you come share appointments, or also your entire calendar. Us only thought about apps that allowed sharing. 

Available because that multiple devices. when considering apps for this list, we gave preference come apps that are easily accessible on an ext than one platform. Ideally, you should have the ability to see her calendar no matter where you room or what machine you have on hand.

Note that, for the most part, we focused on calendar platforms—we didn't take into consideration mobile- or desktop-only apps designed mainly to sync with various other services. Check out our lists that Android calendar apps, iphone calendar apps, and Mac calendar apps if you want those species of platform-specific applications. 

Much that Google Calendar's popularity originates from the truth that you can produce multiple calendar in one location using a Google account, and also then harbor those entries to almost any various other online calendar. Google Calendar additionally works with practically everything rather on the market. Friend can connect your Google Calendar not just to other calendar apps, but additionally to company apps and services that have actually calendars as part of your features, such together Trello and also Asana.

Color-coding because that individual calendars renders it straightforward to view which area of her life an event applies to. Friend can also show or hide calendars, so girlfriend can emphasis on specific types of events. As you would mean from the firm that started as a find tool, Google Calendar offers great search capabilities. It also integrates v Google workplace (formerly G Suite) apps, letting you create a calendar event from Gmail, for example. 

When used across an whole organization, Google Calendar offers you the ability to check your coworkers' schedules alongside your own. Inviting rather to your calendar is a cinch too. You deserve to choose between sharing whole calendar or simply using the invite alternative to include people to an event.

Although there's no desktop app, Google Calendar's web app and also mobile apps for Android and iOS are sufficient to store schedules straight. If you want a more enticing user interface or much more robust features, you can constantly connect Google Calendar to virtually any kind of other application on this list.

Want an ext out of your calendar? attach Google Calendar to her favorite apps with Girlfriend can produce automated workflows that send calendar appointments to various other apps, like Trello or Todoist. You have the right to even develop calendar appointments native spreadsheets. 

Google Calendar Pricing: complimentary with a Google account; service Starter for Google Workspace, which consists of all Google Apps, starts in ~ $6/user every month. 

You deserve to do even much more with Google Calendar. Here's how to turn it right into the ultimate efficiency hub through

The most stalwart of calendar apps, Microsoft Outlook Calendar is more of a personal information manager 보다 a location to check out your following appointment. The desktop computer app unifies your calendar, email, notes, tasks, and also contacts right into one view. Outlook's cell phone apps aren't fairly so ambitious, but they execute at least integrate your calendar and also email. 

Outlook, i beg your pardon is part of Microsoft Office, allows you re-superstructure calendars v teammates, and that's its real strength. Through Exchange Server accounts and the proper permissions, team members deserve to view and also manage each other's schedules and also subscribe come one another's calendars. Outlook offers alternatives for how you can view multiple calendar at once: side-by-side or v calendars combined in an overlay view.

If you don't use Outlook in ~ an organization, you could still appreciate the calendar's numerous features. You deserve to drag and also drop an email onto the calendar icon in the navigation menu to revolve it into an appointment (available in the Windows app only), or quickly send a conference request from either email or the calendar. Outlook supports multiple time ar views, too. There's a lot of to destruction into.

You can acquire a free online version of Outlook, dubbed, which is more streamlined and has under features. has family members sharing, so you can include other household members to her account come make your calendar obtainable to others. The Mac variation of Outlook isn't as robust as the windows version, however if you like having everything in one place, this is an all-in-one performance tool to consider. 

Connect Outlook to for more power. The way, you deserve to send calendar appointments to other apps, consisting of other calendars or her to-do list.


It's difficult to think of a simpler name for a calendar than, yet fortunately, that's no all this app has come offer. Whatever you need to regulate your appointments is here, on a site with modern-day design and full assistance for collaboration. This is a well-thought-out app. 

But it's not just a calendar app: it additionally works as an meeting scheduler. Sign up because that, and you'll gain a publicly profile—for example, You can collection up times the you're available, then allow anyone v the link to schedule one appointment v you. 

There room plenty of appointment scheduling apps that do this, but so much as we know, is the just full-fledged calendar app to additionally offer a feature-complete scheduling attribute like this. The alone provides it precious trying out. 

You can likewise connect to your other favorite apps with Friend can, because that example, obtain a Slack an alert every time someone indicators up because that a meeting through you. pricing: cost-free plan available; Pro version starts at $8/month with limitless scheduling time slots. 

Because it's built into macOS and also iOS, apologize Calendar is the default location to keep calendar entries on apple devices. Without any real effort on your part, you deserve to keep your calendar as much as date throughout your iPhone, iPad, and also Mac, many thanks to iCloud. In a pinch, you can additionally view and also update your calendar entries indigenous a web application on 

Apple Calendar allows you to traction in info from other calendars, too, such as Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, Yahoo, and also any calendar that offers CalDAV. Setup this up is as basic as connecting an email client app to an additional email account.

Apple's clean and an easy calendar allows you focus on your events rather than the app itself. It's intuitive to usage if you're acquainted with other Apple apps, with assistance for drag and drop and Siri integration. Click or madness the plus sign (+) to create a brand-new event, i beg your pardon can encompass a title, location, reminder, note, and also invitees. You deserve to also add a travel time calculation that will be factored into event alerts. As you might expect, this no-frills calendar integrates with Apple devices, so that you see notifications from that in the iOS and also macOS an alert bars. 

Apple Calendar Pricing: contained with macOS and also iOS devices, or via iCloud with an apple ID


Is it cheesy to speak to Fantastical 2 fantastic? Probably, but at the very least in this case, it's not hyperbole. Fantastical 2 has actually just around everything one could want in a calendar app for iOS and also macOS, in addition to one Apple watch companion. 

While it's nice to have actually the mobile app, Fantastical 2 is in ~ its ideal on desktop. The app is vibrant without gift gaudy or overwhelming, and also it's easy to usage without sacrificing regulate over your event details. Top top a Mac, the menu bar app lets you quickly include an occasion or check out what's on her agenda in the comes days. Adding details to your events—such as notes, URLs, invitees, and locations—feels quick and also smooth. Fantastical 2 also integrates through the rest of your device to offer you a today view widget, Handoff support, and a share sheet extension that allows you create events from various other apps, like addresses in Maps and URLs in Safari.

Fantastical 2 is ideal known for its natural-language event creation. Begin typing "Lunch through Casey at noon at Park Place," and also watch together the app parses her words into calendar fields and pulls in pertinent information, such as addresses and team members' availability. If you want the best Apple calendar top top the market, this is the one you're spring for. 

Fantastical 2 Pricing: Free; Premium prices $3.33 per month

Woven, at first glance, doesn't look that different from other calendar apps. The main distinction is in the left sidebar, alongside your calendar. Click an appointment, and also you'll check out all details there, instead of in a pop-up. It's a subtle thing, but it makes browsing your appointments a many easier.

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And this sidebar includes all species of various other information, most notably an analytics tab. It breaks down all of your appointments and shows you just how you're spending your time—how numerous hours friend have totally free for focused work, how numerous hours you're spending in meetings, and even that you're safety the most time in meetings with. There's even a note about how countless hours you're security in video clip calls. 

Time is money. Woven walk a an excellent job of turning your calendar right into a budget. 

Woven pricing: Free; Premium starts at $10 per month

Originally published in might 2017, this short article has had actually contributions native Melanie Pinola and Tim Brookes.