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Call of Duty: world at war Guide

Death map Guide

Semper Fi

DEATH CARD: Eight of understanding (Thunder)

The Eight the Hearts

Unlocks: Hitting a headshot renders the adversary explode.

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Find the 8 of hearts in the very first shack you pertained to on her right.

Little Resistance

DEATH CARD: four of Clubs (Hard Headed)

The four of Clubs

Unlocks: adversaries take less damage, so successfully have an ext health

Find the 4 the Clubs in the far right edge of the field just prior to entering the key building/bunker in the last component of the level.

Hard Landing

DEATH CARD: King of understanding (Suicide King)

The King the Hearts

Reward: when in critical stand setting (i.e. When you space waiting come be restored by your partner) your pistol will have actually explosive rounds.

Find the King of Hearts to the much right the the dark room in the main building/bunker, just before the airfield. It"s leaning against the wall with a lamp alongside it.


DEATH CARD: 5 of Diamonds (Cold Dead Hands)

The 5 of Diamonds

Reward: opponents don"t drop tools or ammunition.

Once Reznov leads you to the very first building after the sniping opening and opens the bar flap to let girlfriend through, head come the left behind the bar rather than the end of the door to collect the card.

Their Land their Blood

DEATH CARD: Joker (Sticks and also Stones)

The Joker

Reward: Play with no guns, simply grenades and also your knife.

When you get in the barn which the tank burst the end of in the farm ar of the level it"s in the first of the stable areas to the left.

Burn "Em Out

DEATH CARD: Queen of understanding (Vampire)

Queen the Hearts

Reward: your own wellness recharges only once you kill enemies.

It"s in the bunker come the left as the trench slopes up into an open ar on the right just before the second mortar position.


DEATH CARD: nine of Diamonds (Flak Jacket)

Nine of Diamonds

Reward: adversaries receive much less grenade damage.

Once you go into the caves near the finish of the level, move out the the first room into the slim tunnels and turn half-way between the two huge rooms right into an intersecting tunnel to uncover it amongst some bushes.

Ring of Steel

DEATH CARD: Jack that Spades (Body Armour)

Jack of Spades

Reward: opponents can just be eliminated with headshots.

When start the Asylum v the arch, revolve left in the courtyard and follow the wall surface until you come to the corner. The card is simply over the various other side that the balcony.


DEATH CARD: Ace of Spades (Undead Soldier)

Ace of Spades

Reward: Undead/Zombie enemies.

When you come at the huge indoor balcony fight, revolve right and drop with the hole into the fire-filled room listed below rather 보다 going out onto the balcony itself. The fatality Card is behind the ramp friend land on.

Blowtorch and also Corkscrew

DEATH CARD: Ten of Clubs (Painkiller)

Ten the Clubs

Reward: shoot a co-op partner that is under (awaiting revival in "last stand" mode) will now revive them.

As you follow the course away from the very first bunker after destroying it v the satchel charges and also see the various other friendly squad, over there is a kind of shrine with a dead soldier ~ above it, straight opposite together you emerge into the open.

Breaking Point

DEATH CARD: 3 of Diamonds (Berserker)

Three of Diamonds

Reward: Rage setting activates after 3 kills in five seconds, making friend temporarily invincible yet forcing you come use only the knife until it operation out.

Find the fatality Card inside the bungalow come the appropriate of the final mortar pit.

Heart the the Reich

DEATH CARD: six of Clubs (Paintball)

Six of Clubs

Reward: Paintball mode.

Turn left to cross the street and descend the steps right into the other metro entrance in ~ the begin of the level to uncover the fatality card within.

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DEATH CARD: 2 of Spades (Victory)

Two the Spades

Reward: between the lobby and also the main parliament room in the corridors you have the right to see a Russian fighting part Germans v a blocked doorway – one more door come the room is opened up for you additional down the corridor, and the fatality card is simply inside there.