Can dogs eat ham? The prize to the question isn’t a straightforward yes or no. Over there are many things to consider prior to feeding this meat to her dog, and, together always, you have to ask your vet before sharing human foods items with your canine friend.

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December is a month of holidays because that just about everyone. As such, holidays typical cooking, and also cooking means goodies. In ~ times when we’re cooking, we sometimes share scraps v our fur babies together a means to present them we love castle — and because the begging is irresistible!

But we must be conscientious the what foods items we share, as part are more harmful than others relying on how castle cooked. Ham have the right to be among those foods. This is what you need to know about feeding ham to dogs.

Can dogs Eat Ham?

When it involves feeding dogs person foods, ham is a bit of a gray area. Yes, technically, the is a protein, which dogs need. However, keep bought ham often contains a the majority of sodium.

Sodium in big enough amounts is bad enough for people, however it’s also bad for dogs. Sodium isn’t the only danger that this meat poses to pets. The preservatives room loaded with nitrates and also nitrites, and also these are likewise sodium-based.

All this sodium can lead to serious side effects in dogs. The can likewise be toxic. Too lot sodium have the right to lead to symptom such together vomiting, diarrhea, and also lethargy. An ext seriously, the can cause seizures and kidney damage.

If this isn’t poor enough, ham is also greater in fat than various other meats. Due to the fact that your dog’s diet likely already has the suitable amount of healthy and balanced fats that your pup requires, ham would just be one unnecessary enhancement and result in possible digestive issues for your pet, instead.

Dangers that Ham Bones


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Be careful though, as the worst point you might actually give your dog regarded ham would certainly be the cooked bones.

Cooked bones end up being soft, and also can splinter if her dog chews top top them together a toy or treat. Bone splinters have the right to severely harm and also even kill a dog, causing damages to their mouths and also internal organs if ingested.

Furthermore, raw ham bones can contain bacteria that room harmful to her dog, so you should constantly consult her vet prior to giving them to her pooch.

Should your Dog Eat Ham?

Ultimately, little pieces the ham from time come time probably wouldn’t it is in lethal to your dog, barring they don’t have any kind of medical problems that would warrant otherwise.

If you’re unsure, it would be wisest come consult a vet before proceeding with giving your dog any type of human foods. The being said, all in all, this is one meat that is probably much better left to for human being consumption.

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Has your dog ever before had a bite that ham? What healthy and balanced human foodstuffs do you feed her pup? permit us understand in the comments below!

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