Stats indigenous the U.S. Fire management indicate the over 380,000 residential structure fires emerged in the year 2012, result in an ext than 2,400 deaths. Do you know whatever you should around fire extinguishers to avoid coming to be an regrettably statistic?



Fire extinguishers need to only be provided when the fire is little and restricted to one area (e.g., the stove or a garbage can). They have actually a restricted amount the extinguishing chemicals and also may no last long sufficient to placed out fires in a big area. There’s also smoke come consider. If the fire is developing a many smoke, you shouldn’t hazard passing out from absence of oxygen.

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Additionally, you need to only use a fire extinguisher after the fire department has actually been called and also you’re sure you have a means of escape if the extinguisher doesn’t work. If the fire is blocking her route, you’re much better off spending your time locating another means to safety.

We recommend the you only consider using a fire extinguisher if you’ve been correctly trained. You can usually gain this training by contacting your local fire department.

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