The king is the most crucial piece on the board and also is the commander of the whole army. The target of the video game is to trap her opponent’s king. This way you must protect your king at every times. The downfall of her king, together in days of old, method your enemy has won the battle.

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Now, if the target of the game is come trap her opponent’s king, go this mean it deserve to be captured by an enemy piece? or much better yet, deserve to a king take it a king in chess?

If you claimed No, then you are correct!

Because the objective is come trap your opponent’s king (deliver checkmate), climate A king can not catch a king in chess and the very same goes for any kind of other opponent piece.

Let us much better understand why a king is not enabled to record an opponent king and also what plot we should take if this scenario should ever occur.

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Is it illegal because that a King to capture a King?

The King and the threatened Square

Because the King is the most important piece top top the board, the king should never continue to be on or relocate to a square wherein he can be recorded by an enemy piece. If this scenario should take place, then we contact this an “illegal move”.

NB: two Kings have the right to not stand beside each other since a king manage all 8 squares bordering it

Two kings cannot stand alongside each other 


To win a king pawn endgame, girlfriend must first get her king in prior of her pawn while possessing the opposition. (Open pgn native mobile)

White should play Ke5. This bring his king in former of the pawn and also opposes the black color king. White must steadily move the king up the board while keeping opposition. As soon as the pawn get the queening square, its video game over.

How to attract a King-pawn endgame

If a player is a pawn up, it no necessarily mean he wins the game. If the adversary manages to acquire his king in former of the adversary pawn, its video game over. Lets take a look at an example.

Lets look at an instance where black color is under material yet managed to draw the game.

Exception to the rule – can A King take it a King in Chess?

In an amazing game of Bogus Chess, the king have the right to be caught if it move to an intimidated square or failure to acquire out that check. This is the only exemption when the king have the right to be captured.

Bogus chess is a team sports played between two teams. The target of the game still remains the same, “checkmate the adversary king”. However, if a player makes an illegal move, then its game over.

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Each team usually consists of 2 players, one player playing the black color pieces and the other controlling the white pieces. The fun component about this video game is that piece that are recorded can enter back into the game to assist attack the foe pieces and also the king. (Your teammate will administer you with the pieces he recorded in his game)

In this form of game, quick assaults are an ext important than the usual values of chess. And, occasionally unusual piece sacrifices deserve to be done as early on in the opening simply to carry out your teammate v some material to help out with his attack or defense.